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  1. when windows xp is loading that the three squares are flying from left to right. During that stage...
  2. Ive had a slow boot ever since i got this computer, it doesnt matter if i format or no, it still takes a long time to boot. I need someone here to list all of the possible BIOS settings that could effect boot times. I want be sure its the hardware before I go buying a new HDD.
  3. how much cooling do you really need for that chipset?? Cant I just cool it with a passive heatsink??
  4. Can I take the fan off of this and use it as the heatsink for the chipset of my nf4 ultra-d? http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/se...6&sku=C283-1062 I Dont know how well that will cool the Unit though. I was also looking at these... http://www.coolerguys.com/840556041870.html http://jab-tech.com/Evercool-VC-RF-pr-3229.html Wadu guys think...
  5. I did the sli mod, it was detected as nf4 sli. Then this morning, i turn my computer on, and its back to regular ultra, and i find my display drivers uninstalled. Then i install then, and reboot, and WHALA, its back to nf4 sli....MY MOTHERBOARD CAN DO MAGIC TRICKS :) yeha...wth..
  6. ok...ill move em back i think...i was seeing if THEN my other card would run....unfortunaylu..no.
  7. I did the SLI mod...and now it takes longer for my computer to begin booting? Did this happen to anyone else? I also moved the jumpers to the SLI mode. Duno why it doin this...
  8. i tried that dude....i think w/ out the sli mod....the second slot dont even work.
  9. what if i did the sli hack, and ran both cards at x8 x8, would that work?
  10. I HAVE FOUND OUT WHAT IS WRONG!!! apparrently...the x300se refuses to work in the second slot. I believe this is due to the Hyper Memory that ATI uses in this card, and the fact that the second slot runs as only X2 pci express. I put the 7800gt in the bottom slot...ran FINE. but when I put the x300se there...nothing happened. So yeah...I think im gona try to return the card for a full refund....hopefully the guy on ebay will give me one. Will get another cheap Nvidia...that does not use Hyper Memory.
  11. uninstalled all drivers....this is how the device manager looks like. One of these is probably the 7800gt. I dont think the other one is detected. http://img68.imageshack.us/img68/5061/hardware0fe.jpg
  12. yes yes no no i shouldnt have to do the sli mod tho..b/c the mobo supports dual gfx cards in non sli mode. i sent out an email to the tech support ppl over at dfi, maybe they can help...
  13. tried that....didnt work. But I dont see why I need to do the SLI mod since the mobo says it supports dual vga cards in nin sli mode. I dooubt they would force you to do the SLI mod to enable something that the mobo should already support.
  14. affirmative. If it doesnt work, I shall do the SLI mod ASAP
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