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  1. WTB a 4GB kit ram. Please pm if you have any pc8500 2x2gb for sell.
  2. I don't know too much of the ram because I have never run 4x2GB. But I believe it will be difficult to run 4 sticks together at the 1066 speed with my called back memory of trying to run 4 sticks of Gskill LE TCCD ram (4x512) at 600 MHz long time ago. I think most of the high end boards can support 500+ FSB. However, for the new quad core from intel Q9450 / X3350 series, there are still very few people able to run at 500 FSB with the cpu. Cpu FSB wall may be the barrier if you are intend to oc it to 4Ghz
  3. Congrats on the winning. Hard work finally pay off. Nice OC results.
  4. I tried with 99% alcohol. It didn't work. I will post the result with my wax cleaner.
  5. i tried both. However, i really didn't see much improvement. I bought some wax cleaner and I am going to try it out and see how it goes.
  6. I tried with put my rad in a tanked of boiled hot water for like 15 mins. It helps a bit. However, the result is still not satisfied.
  7. I will boil some hot water and put my radiator in there for like 5 minutes and flush it. I will post the result later tonight.
  8. I already tried hot water from the tap but that doesn't seem to work very well. I will try to run boiled distill water see if it will help tonight.
  9. Hi Guys: Hope you guys had a wonder new year party. I was flushing my watercooling system and found out inside my radiator, it is coated with white residual (wax like crap). And that was directly resulted by using FluidXP coolant. I tried to clean the residuals but not successful. Does anyone know how to completely clean the wax like residual or know any solutions that can dissolve those stuff without hurting the radiator? Thanks a million for any help and Happy New Year.
  10. ..................................................
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