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  1. sorry I should have spent more time reading your original post. That is definatly a bind though and the only thing I could think of would be the full clear. keep us posted on what happens, il try to think of anything else.
  2. you said you restarted your bios. Its a long shot but in my experiance sometimes problems like this are very simple, double check to make sure your ps/2 onboard ports were not disabled in your bios. GL.
  3. I have mine mounted so that it blows on my ram. :-D
  4. some games have a built in fps cap due to the actually game itself. for ex. quake 4 has a locked fps maximum of 63 frames per second which has to do with the engine, so it can't be changed .
  5. if your room temp is 30 then you will never get temps below that . Get that turned down!
  6. n/m, tested the PSU, 5v doesn't work, gonna RMA.
  7. Hey guys, im just installing my new PSU right now, I am getting 1 blinking (yellow_ light at the bottom left hand side of the mobo. Anyone knows what this means?
  8. thanks for the reply man, help appreciated and yes it is cold here lol
  9. Hey guys, I have been browsing on these forums lately (they have been really helpful) to get some overclocking info. This is the first "major" over clock that I am doing and I have a question on fan speed. If I run my zalman at full speed I get 22deg. idle and 28 load. I don't mind the noise so much as I usually have headphones on (gaming) but im wondering if this will cause the fan to break down alot faster? with stock fan speed I get 28 idle and 33-35 ish load. Thanks for your help. edit: btw these are at stock 2.2ghz, im overclocking this weekend so everything is nice and broken in.
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