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    Switch to Dual Core

    Same thing here, not as slow as if the quick post is off but it takes a little bit to count the memory. With the single core it did not even flinch the whole post was much faster. Its not that big of a deal really. I just wanted to see if others had similar experiances.
  2. EchoFive

    Switch to Dual Core

    Thanks for the info. I know about that setting in the bios and I have enabled quick post. Like I said with the single core 4000+ everything is fine but with the dual core 4200+ it has to count the memory. I tried turning the quick post off and then back on. With quick post off it takes a really long time to post.
  3. So I switched from a 4000+ to a X2 4200+ and am having great sucess with the new dual core. The one thing I find peculiar is that with the X2 it has to count the memory, which does not take long. With the 4000+ it used to either skip this step or it went a lot faster though. Anyone know of anything that might cause that?
  4. EchoFive

    Dual PCI Express card setup

    Thats not going to work. You need a SLi MB.
  5. The 4 pin works perfect for me no probs here. I think its more a product of the quality of your PSU and not whether or not you use 4 or 8 pins, IMHO.
  6. The bios you are using comes up in the bottom left hand corner on the POST screen when you first turn on the PC. On mine you have to trun the splash off to see the POST screen. You gotta be fast on mine cause the POST screen only last about 2 seconds so it helps if you have a digital camera to take a quick picture.
  7. EchoFive

    RDX200 Build

    Its a nice board for the money. Everything you need for OC in bios. I had heard some bad stuff about usb performance, but so far so good no problems, really good performance on usb. Its really fast. I get windows up from the POST in about 3-4 seconds. My system below scores well above 6000 in3dMark 2005. When I get my good memory back I will post some screen shots. I bet it would give that sli rig a run for its money if you had two x1900xtx in crossfire.
  8. On mine the fans idle up really high on power up for like a second and then normalize.
  9. In the user guide it states So unless you have some tight memory timings stick with 2 and 4 for better performance.
  10. Wondering if any RDX200 users out there have compared the ATI Sata Raid with the SIL Sata Raid. Any performance difference? I have been reading some bad stuff about the SIL because its tied to the PCI bus... Can anyone confirm this? When I get my ram back I will do the test myself if no one else has any answers and post the results.
  11. What about taking your HSF and cpu off and then reseating them. I had to do this too. Give it a try if your running out of ideas.
  12. Flashing using floppy disk from the zip file doesnt seem to be working properly. Use the .exe file and the program will properly create your bios flash disk. It can be found here 12/23/2005 Bios Hopefully no one will waste as much time as I did trying to flash from .zip I will try the .exe disk tonight when I get home.
  13. I think that is the LED code for Ram. Mine was doing the 3 Leds with because I had one bad stick and one good stick. Try putiing only one stick in the slot closest to the cpu (#4) and if the system boots with one stick or the other its bad Ram.
  14. EchoFive

    Ram Issues

    Thanks Chow. I took the suspect stick to work today and tested it in my work PC... As suspected it is dead. I now have to wait for newegg to RMA to get my new build up and runnning.
  15. EchoFive

    Can't Power PC Up At All

    I am using this one from Thermaltake. It is really nice. Thermaltake This Antec is nice for the money. Antec