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  1. there isnt great airflow in mine either. Im watercooled and theres also a heap of cables (not THAT bad) that blocks airflow. I put an 80mm fan over the chipset/pwmic...
  2. i went back to 1.5v chipset and im orthosing it right now. the idle was about 42 and load 45. I also had the LTD voltage +.1. would that affect chipset temps at all? its not that its that loud, im just watercooled which is almost silent. (Except for my raptor) EDIT thats weird, my pwmic would never go above 42c (have fan over it) but now with that chipset voltage drop its at 49c while stressing. weird.
  3. With fsb up to 325mhz, the chipset temps are alot higher than what ive seen from other people. The voltage is 1.6v (rather than 1.5 for stability) I ask because it gets kind of annoying because it gets loud. Its always 45-46c using smart guardian.
  4. I was looking for more than one opinion. Anyway, it doesnt matter because they didnt have to replace the PSU, it was a mobo problem
  5. wow they wont give me the OCZ. They said i have to stick with this one and if it doesnt perform then theyll give me the OCZ 600w. Antec isnt reccommended anymore. So this coolermaster is fine?
  6. i actually love them. I have two of the managers cells so I can just call them and get to the highest person immediately. Theyve always helped me out. I was originally out of warranty (full system) and i told them what they probs were and they offered to help even though i was out of warranty. Anyway they said that i should call back on monday when i get the psu (and mobo) and i can call him when hes in the office and he'll send me an ocz 600w gamexstream
  7. they said when i get the psu i can call back and ask for an OCZ because hes not in the office (saturday ftl)
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