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  1. Lian-Li V2000 or V1000...Best chassi I ever bought...Expensive but the build quality is unmatched...
  2. I'd go for a FSP PSU...Rock solid...
  3. Either one works for me, used to have ATI, a X850XT PE, but I've always looked at owning a SLI solution so I finally went for one... I've owned pretty much anything from Voodoo cards and old TNT cards up to and including GF3,GF4,7800GTX, 6800 Ultra, 9700Pro, 9800XT, 9600XT, 8500. I buy what is considered to be top of the line at the moment :-D But if I had to make a choice my heart is with ATI...
  4. Joe, I had the PSU you have and it caused loads of reboots...After changeing to a PSU on Nvidias supported list problems did go away. I use a FSP Epsilon 700W and SLI works perfect! I can play for hours without reboots and hangs. And the BIOS version you use caused Out of sync errors with looping sound on my box, backing to 11/02 BIOS solved that problem.
  5. SLI...More mature...Used to have ATI but I am very satisfied with my dual 7800GTX 512. Ran into some problems with a PSU that didn't cut it but now it's up and running and stable as a rock.
  6. Fortron, have the FSP Epsilon 700W and it works like a charm...
  7. I've been running my box for a week now, stable as a rock ! What I did was that I first reverted back to 11/02 BIOS, replaced my PSU and reinstalled all Nforce drivers(removed the old using driver cleaner). Installed latest stable drivers 6.69/81.98 and skipped the betas. I also see that slizone.com updated their approved PSU list, removing my old Silverstone Strider 600W :-D
  8. Works fine with me. Can't say it's much quicker but some things feels quicker. Most problems comes down to missing drivers, for instance, I can't fly my favorite sims using my Thrustmaster Hotas because there are now 64-bit drivers. Nowadays I always google before buying something. I wish there was more support for beta-drivers like in the Linux community(I've always worked with different Unixes). There are some things that are strange. Doom 3 installs perfectly but the expansion pack refuses(complains about OS). But usually a quick google solves most problems. I won't revert back to 32-bit but be prepared for a little more work when going 64 bit.
  9. I haven't OC'd the graphics cards, they simply won't :-D At most they give me 10-15 MHz but my machine never gets stable enough for a loop of 3DMark. On air, CPU is good for 2,6 GHz(10x260) with 3-3-3-8-1T. I feed CPU with 1,425V and memory with 2.7V. I've got a big Lian-Li V2000 and run my OC without sideplating. I haven't tweaked it much, just did a standard OC. If I'm lucky I might squeeze a few more MHz out of the CPU. As for your question regarding voltages, I haven't used a meter so I guess they're fine and stable.
  10. FSP Epsilon 700W...So far no fuzz with it. Quite new, used to have a Silverstone Strider 600W which I can't recommend.
  11. Volvo V70, 2000, 12700 KM on it :-D And my favorite....Ducati 900 Monster...Ahhhh...
  12. I really like the FSP PSU, small, neat and silent. My screen out of sync problem is gone now but I've had a couple of reboots. Before I make any conclusion I'll perform some more test(could be driver related since I'm using some beta drivers).
  13. Finally got my rig stable ! Played hours of Quake 4 yesterday...Used to hang within 20-30 minutes. What I did was that I reverted to the 11/02 BIOS and purchased a FSP Epsilon 700W PSU(had a Silverstone Strider 600W). To early to claim a win but I'll keep you posted, when I remember the machine was stable before and I never made the connection it could be the BIOS upgrade.
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