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  1. Version 4.33 is out and the following is in the changelog: -fixed an issue that caused the DFI LP UT NF4 SLI-DR Venus to power off on program start I tested it with my expert and it seems to be working fine.
  2. I have, I can run my memory at ddr 484 with ocz tony bios, all other bioses let me run it at maybe ddr 430. Huge difference when running apps that go through lots of data that is mainly stored in memory.
  3. check my sig, i did real good with ocz tony bios, do a search of the forum for it. find the iso that will boot and you can simply go to the menu and flash off the cd.
  4. My problem is I ordered my things from zipzoomfly and those guys are morons, I say this because they wouldnt answer the phone or any of my online RMA requests. It took me having to complain to my credit card company to RMA a dead PSU they sent me for them to finally call me and take my RMA. So if I try to RMA through original supplier I'm screwed, I really need to do it through DFI, since ZZF sucks... Regardless, thanks for the info and I shot off an email to [email protected] since they did not return my call from yesterday.
  5. Anyone else get this? how do I process a united states RMA? http://us.dfi.com.tw/RMA/rma_request_step2...E_TYPE=US&SITE= that page wont let me select United States for the country part.
  6. Tried with an antec 500w psu with 24pins did the reset guide, now instead of powering right off after it boots the 4 LED's stay red and the hdd's start up and nothing comes from the speaker, the jumper is on the on position so I can hear the speaker, but nothing is coming out of it to let me know to hit the delete key I'll try resetting it longer I suppose.
  7. Thanks for the response I went in to a local store and got a new PSU to try out on it, I'll try to find the long CMOS clear guide.
  8. Kinda desperate at this point I cleared cmos and tried each ram stick individually on the far left orange slot, also took out all devices and all power and hooked up just cpu/ram/video and it lights up 4 red LED's then powers off
  9. Last night I hooked up a digital camera to the system and it for some reason it recognzied it as a first time hookup, even though I have been using it for a while. After this my USB keyboard stopped working and I had to reboot and use another port to get it back up and working. Then USB devices started to fail left and right and after a system shut down now all LED's during boot up light up as red and there are no beeps and it just turns itself off leaving 1 yellow LED on. Any ideas?
  10. I just use Audigy 4 Pro drivers for mine and put it on the last slot! I have an A2 btw. I can use ACPI just fine and no crashes. Here is the info on converting to A4: http://www.driverheaven.net/showthread.php?t=78049 and http://www.driverheaven.net/showthread.php?t=75905 good luck Also search the forum for the 620w liberty, I had to RMA mine as it was either DOA or it just refused to work with SLI-DR Expert
  11. Are you overclocking at all? Try defaults settings if not and try the new nforce drivers on nvidia they just released some new ones. http://www.nforcershq.com/article-topic-4.html
  12. Read this, I've been having lots of bsods related to my nvatabus.sys http://www.ultratech-llc.com/KB/ASP/FileVi...le=/KB/BSOD.TXT I figured it out by using the dump analyzer, it told me which file was causing it. Get the DUMPCHK utility.
  13. Not sure what revision, its kinda hard to visually see they're hiding behind the XP90 heatsink+fan, but cpu-z says cmx512-3200c2 week 255, year 255 serial FFFFFFFF
  14. I get pretty good sisoft sandra scores at 6423MB/s though and I run it at 1t so it's pretty fast regardless.
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