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  1. 300*9 on auto here works great only tried up to 334 to break 3Ghz.
  2. i have been running 334*9 for a whil 1.56v won't do prime but games and other software works waiting for my schyte ninja to arrive. 300*9 default voltage is primestable for 24 hours.
  3. primestable 22 hours @ 280*10 1.41v going to try som occt....i am a bit drunk now so sry if i am acting like a retard
  4. Hi Guys! Can you plz help me getting this setup stable. i want this one stable........
  5. Hi! Had the same problem with my 3700 and it was the memory controller that was broke.
  6. i'm Happy so far with mine.....
  7. the raid controller won't detect the stripe i just stand trying to find it and after the procedure it works great.
  8. i think i might have the same problem i have 2 samsung as raid0 and when i turn of the computer and later turn it on it won't find the raid, then i have to disconnect the cables and start up and then turn of to put everything back on then it works like a charm...
  9. Hi! Got my cacje 0607 last week and today i have been running prime for 13 hours 10*280 stock voltage or according to smartguardian 1.39v. Guess i am quite happy for now..... http://files.upl.silentwhisper.net/upload1/prime-agn.JPG
  10. Hi! for the ocz i used this http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showpost....973&postcount=4 Worked great
  11. I got the same memory and i am running them 2.6 maybe try to raise a bit to get them to run with 180 divider.
  12. now i been running prime almost 13 hours 270*[email protected] so i consider this speed stable. //Psy
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