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  1. I want to dual boot windows vista and windows xp. I installed windows vista first a few days ago and got everything set up. All the product updates, a few programs installed and all the drivers I needed. I found this guide a while back to dual boot windows vista with windows xp on apc.com. Basically this is what it says to do: (it assumes vista is already installed on a partition that takes up 100% of the hard drive) Shrink the Vista partition down to make room for XP Install windows xp like normal Boot off of windows vista install DVD to fix vista MBR Install and run EasyBCD once back in vista to add XP to the vista boot manager This is what I tried doing: I partitioned off my 320 GB HDD into two 150 GB partitions (base 10 vs base 2 thing...) Installed Vista on the first 150GB partition which was C: Then I tried install windows XP Put the XP install disk in my computer (one that I know works, I've used it a lot before) Setup copied install files on D: and then rebooted Upon restarting the computer gives me a disk read error press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart which the guide said might happen and then to just use the Vista DVD to fix the MBR (Repair installation) and then use EasyBCD to add the XP entry into the Vista boot loader. So thats exactly what I did. However when I reboot the machine I get no vista boot loader of any kind, it simply just restarts in windows vista and thats that. Every time I try and reinstall XP it does the same thing over and over I tried 3 times with no luck. When I go back into vista and check EasyBCD this is what it gives me under "view settings" There are a total of 2 entries listed in the Vista Bootloader. Bootloader Timeout: 30 seconds. Default OS: Microsoft Windows Vista Entry #1 Name: Microsoft Windows Vista BCD ID: {current} Drive: C: Bootloader Path: Windowssystem32winload.exe Windows Directory: Windows Entry #2 Name: Windows XP PRO BCD ID: {83fc0dae-bbef-11dc-82e5-000129d4b97a} Drive: C: Bootloader Path: NTLDR This is what it gives me by default. I didn't change anything in the settings of EasyBCD except add the XP entry to the Vista boot loader (which is D: but it shows as C: in the view settings thing?) So basically I'm not getting any vista boot loader to come up at all, even after doing essentially exactly what I should do to make this work. Every time I try and put XP on it corrupts the boot sector and gives me a disk read error and repairing the vista boot loader and adding XP to it doesn't give me any kind of access to any boot loader at all. :confused:
  2. Bump for no offers... 250$ for a chipped PS2 (not just any chip, but a DMS4 PRO) with a 200GB HDD, new laser and all this accesories and I cant get 250$ out of it???
  3. Whats the lowest he would go on the Ultra-D???? I really dont need it, but id give him around 50$
  4. I have a V7 PS2 modded with a DMS4 EZI PRO. I will be putting a 200GB Maxtor 7200 RPM 8MB cache hard drive into it and will be replaceing the laser with a new one. The machine has only ever been owned by me and I've purchased it from EB games the summer of 2003. V7 PS2 modded with DMS4 EZI PRO Offical PS2 Network adapter /w startup disk Logitech Headset (the socom one) All these games, in the original boxes with instructions: Monster Rancher 4 Theme Park Roller Coaster Final Fantasy X Mortal Kombat Deception Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance Madden 2003 Madden 2004 Madden 2005 PS2 Network Adapter Start Up disk Jack and Daxter Unreal Tournament Resident Evil Dead Aim Tekken Tag Tournament Crash Bandicoot Warped Nascar Thunder 2003 Dualshock PS2 controller 16MB MAX Memory card RCA jacks and power cord The network adapter has been 90% modded to take WD HDD's, removing two torex screws is all that remains to be done. None of the games are scratched and they all work. The chip install is good, homebrew runs excellent and TOXIC OS 0.41 is installed. Lowest Ill accept is 250$ plus shipping or best offer.
  5. It could be the chip as well.... my 165 does 2.3 fine at stock volts... but requires .5v for every 100mz after that until 2.6ghz which has never posted for me. I know the stepping is a dud, but even good known steppings dont always garuentee you a huge OC.
  6. I run an X1800XT and the Ultra-D from DFI. Never had a single problem, save the graphical corruption of the bootscreen but that was catalyst 6.4's fault... not DFI's. I have an ENERMAX EG565AX-VEFMA2.0-SLI ATX12V 535W with 18 amps on each 12V rail. Your PSU isnt the issue, and you confirmed the card DOES work and others have gotten thiers to work with the same motherboard you have. All power connectors snug??? You did plug in the black PCI-E power connector right???
  7. Hrm... I get 35 seconds on super P1 1M time with a 165 at 2430???
  8. Sure you can but chances are you'll need to use a 1:1 divider and set your CPU to 250mhz or whatever the FSB of the RAM is.
  9. I happen to have a 165 and an Ultra-D, it works wonders and is an amazing board. My friend has a 3800+ X2 and the A8N-SLI and loves it just as much. Any combo would be fine, but im partial to the 165/Ultra-D
  10. I dont think 2 X1800XT's would fit on my board, even though its not SLI. This board could be modded to use SLI I guess, but my point is even if it were youd never be able to do it with 2 X1800XT's on the Lanparty UT nF4 Ultra-D.
  11. The DFI Lanparty UT nF4 Ultra-D was my first homebuild project and has worked out wonderfully. My few issues were due to oversights on my part and a problem with ATI catalyst 6.4 (went back to 6.3). The street will help you, and you wont be sorry!!
  12. Your processor is upwards locked... only the AMD Athlon FX's have unlocked multis and you can go up if you wish. I have the PC3200 version of those sticks and they have been great... If you run a divider then their should be no issues with the ram at all if indeed they are good sticks.
  13. Dont feel too bad... an FX-60 for 1/3 the price : )
  14. I would get an OEM opteron 165 from monarch computers... they're shipping CCBBE 0610's which get to 3.0ghz on 1.4V
  15. I stall out at 2.55ghz on my chip... but at 2.43ghz my chip idles at about 31C and full load at 44C. Add about 2-3C to each temp and thats my temps at 2.53ghz. My chip just needs too much voltage to go any higher.
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