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  1. thanks for the quick reply! ahh ok so I was basically being thick, ok mate, thanks a bunch, you use msn so I can run through exactly how to do this? hen the fan would stop Id turn the pc off because I wasnt sure what exactly was happening. if you could chat to me on msn id really appreciate it - Dunk
  2. Hey guys, bought a new setup as listed in the sig but have had numerous problems. Firstly bought a Hiper 580w PSU which I now know doesnt have the 2x4pin 12v cables I need lol, corrected by buying a PSU I saw you guys have running on your systems. The vapochill micro firstly wouldnt fit on the board but after researching found it was a common problem to fixed it by removing the bracket etc and is now fitted fine, except the new problem is that when I turned the rig on the CPU fan would run for say 10-15secs then just shut down.. What is this all about? And it obviously isnt due to not connecting it properly or it wouldnt run at all. Anyone got the same cooler? Had similar problems? Any help at all would be great, need to get this sorted asap as I wont cope much longer. Dunk
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