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  1. don't talk about OS iso's or you will pay a heavy price Angry_Games
  2. Oh, I know you don't speculate and I wasn't either. I just saw that you mentioned one earlier and thought you may have heard something. I'm sure that once you do hear something you will let us know.
  3. Angry, Have you heard anything about a 975x DFI board yet? I really want to get a conroe but don't feel like buying anything other than DFI now that I am spoiled with all the options and abilities.
  4. I plan on keeping at least two of them one for phase and the other for everything else. So there is a decent amount in the Puget Sound area. I am actually located in Federal Way but moving to Port Orchard right by the foot ferry when I get back from this deployment.
  5. 24 but with mileage going on who knows what....
  6. Well you can add 909, 917, and 924 to Seattle, WA. Although they and I are currently in Singapore. I walked into a random store today and was supprised to see not one, not two, but SEVEN new venus mobos and of course since I just got payed last night, there went the most of my paycheck since in my eyes it is a once in a lifetime chance. Can't wait to see what these things can do.
  7. Just did that and tried it and of course it worked Don't know what the problem is with it but oh well guess I can live without it for now. Thanks
  8. I don't know if anyone else is having this same problem or not but here goes...I have been playing the game fine for a few days now without any problems other than the crash when leaving the game that has been documented. Then all of a sudden today upon entering a new room everything goes black except for the UI. I can still get to the menus and see my health bars, I can also still move and everything, just can't see where I am going. Has anyone had this problem and/or know of a solution? I have tried to exit the game, reboot the comp etc. I did install the 84.25 drivers the other day but switched back to the older version that I had been running and still have the same problem.
  9. I am currently running 300x10 1.54v(1.4v*110%) on a 5:6 divider with 2x1gb G.Skill HZ. It is a KAB3E.
  10. I really haven't tried 3120 that much but when I did I was limited to running at 258mhz on the memory instead of the 263 that I can with 4708. 4708 is 166/1.95 as long as a64 tweaker is correct and of course I am running on a 166 divider atm. I am messing around right now on the 3120 though to see if I can get it a little higher. I did end up priming last night for 9hrs 12m at 300x10 at 1.54v thought 1.4v*110% with a nice drop in temps. It didn't go over 33c the whole time.
  11. I am running the same settings that I tested stable up to 263mhz for multiple hours through 5 and 8 without any errors as stated in the first post. Nothing has changed there. I think I may just keep it this way
  12. I have been messing around with x11 multi for the last few hours and again can't get it to run at 273x11 but can at 272x11 at least occt stable but the mem is clocked alot lower so I think I may just call it a day and wait for my opty 170 and expert to get here so I can start another OC
  13. Currently stuck at 3ghz it seems and can't figure out what to change to get higher. These settings are stable in prime for over 8hrs. I am currently running on a 5:6 divider with my memory to keep it under 263mhz which I have proven to be my max stable with 6hrs on test 5 and 4hrs on test 8 with my current timings. Here are my current settings... 300 x3 d16 u16 x10 100mhz disable startup 1.450v 113% 1.40v 1.70v 2.60v DRAM- 166(5:6) enable 3 4 7 3 7 14 2 2 2 3 4708 enable auto 0 normal4 level1 8 normal 5 256 enable 16x 4x disable Any suggestions on what to change to get higher?
  14. Don't get me wrong, I like the board but I just wasn't satisfied with the OC since I have heard people getting so much more out of their 3700+. It really wasn't hard to set up at all. I will still be using it as a second computer and such.
  15. I feel ya man They actually don't ship all the way to us. It is shipped to San Diego then the military takes it from there. So the delay is actually all the military's fault.
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