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  1. bump again, lets give this another shot.
  2. I am looking to buy a P4 socket 775 motherboard. Needs the following specifics.... ------------------------------- DDR400 memory PCI-E x16 expansion slot 800 MHz FSB Prefer to have 2 IDE channels but not absolutely necessary Must have at least some CPU overclocking capability. The more the better but I want to be able to at least adjust the core clockFSB. PM me if you have something available. Can also do trades for a few things I have laying around (AGP video cards, PC3200 value RAM, 200GB Maxtor ATA133 HDD, P4 530 3.0GHz CPU)
  3. I thought all the hype surrounding CCBBE stepping was because it was more stable on air, allowing greater overclocks... if not I am curious as to the "superiority". And I always have a tube of AS5 laying around!
  4. I was hoping that wouldn't be the answer, but kind of figured it would be. I am really curious now with all the hype surrounding CCBBE stepping, so I'll keep my fingers crossed that I was lucky enough to get one.
  5. I am constantly hearing things about the CCBBE stepping Opterons and their overclocking potential. When I purchased my Opteron I didnt know about the differences in stepping so I never checked it. So my question is, would checking this require me to remove the HSF and check the actual CPU die (or is it dye?)? I also have the original box at home if the info is printed there.
  6. They make a lot of good points. For the most part I agree with them. Maybe not "80%", but the majority of the games out there are not worth playing in my own opinion.
  7. Did I totally miss the link to the spreadsheet? I haven't seen it. If it's the link from the first post to the "cheat sheet" it is broken for me.
  8. Bought one a week ago for my little brother before I ever saw this ad. With the eVGA lifetime warranty you cant go wrong!
  9. Yah the RAM procedure is vague about it, but the RAM form specifially asks for the number and date of the invoice. But if you talked to someone in person, I guess I am less worried.
  10. I want to buy a used set, but am afraid that without the oirignal invoice would not be covered under the lifetime warranty. Is the lifetime warranty transferrable? Has anyone done the RMA process without the original invoice?
  11. I dont mean to try and sway you, but I would love to see the RAM parted out as well.
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