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  1. insted of dissing me spelling and grammer mayb u would like to post a decant commet as i all ready applogysed for spellin what more you want! dont wast me time,
  2. Well ope so have ordered me new bord from Ebuyer another 164 downthe drain better than 700 pound processer, well i will let no lads looks like b pins or bios thanks for help if not see me on her cuz i am kissing me butt good bye trying to raise more money for another 900 lol
  3. computer dos not post at all notting loads up on monitor, looks like pin is bent, if put in rma would they also update the bios to support the qx9650?, is that reaon why not boot due to a bios update? also because the pin bent would this damage the processer? looks f9 underneath with no scrachers or looks decivein. AMD are so easy lol Thanks again
  4. Ello ppl long time since bean on her, have bean a loyal AMD but fort got to intel! I have just brought new computer, as spects below. I have put the processer in the cpu on the mobo and 1 gig in dim slot 2 and the grapics card is in the top PCIE sklot when i turn on the power the motherbord will restart with out posting the diagnosics display shows 00 have looked in teh manual and seen if anythink to show what the number for the processer grapicscard memory but notting and will just retsart so i fort the processer now because this is the first intell bord i have looks like might b a bent pin can this be the cause of the problem why keeps on restarting? or the processer if is the mother bord would it be abled to be rmaed or would have to buy a new 1 or is the processer at fult her if is the pins would this damage the processer any help or assastance on this would be apreasualted or if have to do any think with the jumpers Regards Andrew soz out spelling and gramer
  5. Hi I am on the look out for a new mobo but i would like to no if there is any releasers for an AM2 DFI with Crossfire? If so when would be the release date. Thanks
  6. Hi Guys/Girls, I would like to no if any of ME DFI Friends have got any news of a DFI AM2 MOBO for crossfire? Also if known when is the release date as u see my spects of my comp are well shamefull lol. Thanks Woody
  7. Dos it have a pic and say limited or no connectivity? Also when u enable and disable it could possibly be the IP address sticking there for not releasing when disable and when u re in able it will not give IP as it will not release to the DHCP how dos your net connect?
  8. Well i have done it as my Rig as the main comp with the Net going in to the Nvid port and then network to marvel witch gos to the Switch witch is a USRobotics USR997930 10/100/1000 8-Port Gigabit Switch witch is brill and then i have each comp going to the switch and have had no problems at all and i have it split on 2 2 O/S 1 is Server 2003 Enterprise edistion and windows XP Pro and have the 2 C & D as the O/s wid 10Gig each and then have 3 22Gig partistions
  9. Question guys I just installed Norton system works, ghost NO ANTIVIRUS what happens is I leave me rig for bout 2-3 hours idle. Then the system just auto restarts also its slow as hell with out it on there worked fine just wouldering in any think can resolve this or if this. is an actual software issue or conflict with DFI boards as works perfect on the asus bored? Any ideas of the problem.
  10. I had a lot of probs with the firewall blocking my network and internet connections so I use that zonelabs witch I found a lot better and looks like better not to install it as it creates a-lot of probs but end of day just if it works well with your rig
  11. Regards to the new drivers I would just keep me eye on DFI.tw to see what new drivers are out but you should not have any problem with the Nvida port. But if you do I would just disable the port and use marvel why are you expiating problems with the Nvida? I have but they bean all resoled but that’s how I would deal with the matter personally.
  12. like the guys say a 6800 if you go her i would have this if i go AGP XFX GeForce 6600 GT 256MB worth haveing a look at i have 1 for my sister and they are brill her have a look see what u think http://www.overclockers.co.uk/acatalog/6600AGP_Series.html
  13. Well I am hearing a lot about the M2 and just look forward to that but when I had the old Radon x800xt toxic but the drivers was a problem to update is that the same issue
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