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  1. trying to download prime95 from http://www.mersenne.org/freesoft.htm and both the exe and zip files seem to be corrupted. Anyone know where i can get a legit copy of this?
  2. i downloaded the nvidia network driver and plugged the cord into the top one, it said network cable disconnected. i guess ill try the yukon driver now. and maybe i was mistaken about which multiplier i was looking at, but i couldve sworn it was the cpu/fsb one that was showing max of 5.
  3. Ok so i just got my new mobo today, had to RMA the last one. I put everything together and it boot up fine. Problem was when i sent back the original mobo, i sent back the driver cd with it, they didnt mail me a new one. No worries, i went online with my other comp and downloaded the nvidia nforce4 chipset drivers. I installed the the network and audio drivers, and nothing. Cant connect to the net. It just keeps saying that the network cable is unplugged. I took it out of that comp and plugged it into my other one and it works fine. So its not the cable. No clue whats goin on with the network card or how to get it to work. Any info would be helpful. Also, when i run the bios, for some reason its telling me my max mulitplier is only 5. I know its 9, but it wont go over 5, why is that?
  4. Well they told me the computer wont turn on. thats when i hung up.
  5. thats what i had them do. Send me a brand new DFI board and refund me for the cpu so i can buy a new one. I was just extremely confused by the email.
  6. so i sent back my Opteron 165 Dual Core CPU and my DFI Ultra-D NF4 which was defective to zipzoomfly. I get an email saying this from them: "Dear Customer, We've received the parts back from you on 3/15/06 via USPS. During our testing, we found out the CPU and the motherboard are not compatible. We can still offer a replacement for the motherboard since it was tested defective. We can process a refund on the CPU and you can re-order. Please let us know, so we can process this RMA correctly. Thank you" i was really confused by this so i gave them a call. I asked what it means that its not compatible, and they told me that the Opteron 165 wont work with a Ultra-D. After this i just started laughing and hung up. But honestly...wtf??
  7. your mobo supports a 939 socket, which is what your opteron is.
  8. lol, thats the one i have PSU OCZ | OCZ520ADJSLI 520W RT
  9. i bought it from zipzoomfly and im sending back the mobo and cpu just for sh!ts and giggles. Might as well get 2 brand new items while im at it. Im also shipping back the PSU to New Egg. I didnt realize that that PSU was discontinued. Any suggestions on a new one?
  10. i was eating a chicken sandwich when this happened, no joke
  11. ok now you guys are just messing with me.
  12. like i said, i tried a different psu and it wouldnt boot up.
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