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  1. your obviously not here to help so stop posting plz. i see you have a 3800 by your siq but your not being helpful & telling me how far it will go which is the question after all jeeeez i asked if the 3800 could get near 3.0ghz and insted of telling me you just stated the obvious diffrence between the 2
  2. get some manners? all i want to know is if the x2 3800+ could get near 3.0ghz. i dont need someone to come on and tell me that they are 2 diffrent things thats just stating the obvious & a complete waste of time tbh, if they arent here to help then they shouldnt post. if i can get 2.8ghz or more out a dual core then i would consider getting one insted of the opty. for the sake of a 200mhz or less i would rather have another core as for reserch well i wasnt seeing much & didnt have the time. thanks for posts & info ppl
  3. you dont say what im askin is whats the average highest overclock on the x2 3800+ on watercooling coz i would like to get near 3.0ghz. but if thats not possible then i will go for the opty save a few quid n get a x2 laters but im starting to see a 2.5ghz thing with most the sigs im seeing for the x2 3800. is this the case? or will it go higher
  4. hi im gonna be getting the DFI NF4 expert Mobo soon but i cant make up my mind what cpu to go for i mean id like a x2 cpu but i wanna try for 3.0ghz OC. i have good watercooling atm & my 3500+ is OCed at 2800ghz but thats on my asus a8n & thats as much as i can get with volt options on it without doin a mod. i know how gr8 the optys are for OC but i dont see much for the x2 3800 OC whats ppl getting with the x2 3800 on watercooling?
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