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  1. When i was running 3200mhz i was using mem divider 150 I did not try to run any games in 3200 but i ran a couple of 3dmark05 rounds. Right now i am running 3100 and games are running without any problem.
  2. 3ghz @ 1.39 v is nice =) What kind of cooling are you using?
  3. Yes, this indeed is a nice one. I`ve been using watercooling this morning and i managed to run SuperPI 1Mb in 3200mhz, 1.65v. But not stable in prime2004 at all, right now i am using 1.55v and 3100mhz and its prime stable so far (1hour) I`ve also been running a couple of 3dmark runs.
  4. Hi! I bought a San Diego 3700+ KAB2E today and it seems like i got a nice overclocker. I`m using aircooling at the moment and 1.42vcore, and it`s been prime stable in 2900mhz for about 10hours. I tried to run it in 3000mhz and 1.525vcore but prime failed after about 10mins, temp is to high i think. Tomorrow i will try with watercooling and see what i can hit! What do u guys run your 3700+ SD in?
  5. hehe, my case is closed, no window so it really dosnt matter if it looks good or not right now the mem fam is standing on top of the arctic cooling freezer64 cpu fan.. =)
  6. ok, so do u think it safe to use 3.0v or should i stop at 2.90?
  7. Hi! I was just wondering, what is considered as a safe volt for my GeIL Pc3200 ram? I now use 2.8v with a 120mm fan blowing on the ram all the time, so how high can i go?
  8. Ok, yea it seems i`am a bit unlucky =) But i will try a friends watercooling system and see if it makes any difference but i`am not to optimistic. It`s probably the PSU, and if it isn`t the PSU my cpu simply sucks =)
  9. Yea, i`ve used divider all the time, and the max is about 2700 with 1.65 vcore. But i dont want to use 1.65vcore
  10. now i`ve tried the bios wangerin told me about, and it seems like i can run a little lower volt then before, but still. I cant get over 2650mhz with 1.55Vcore. But the next thing to do is get a new PSU.
  11. Hmm, it dosn`t matter if i use a mem divider, 100mhz or something. But yea, they can do quite nice clocks, around 250. But i`ll try the bios you told me about!
  12. Thanks for the quick answers! So what i am gonna do now is get myself a new PSU and hope i will gain some more mhz =)
  13. ok, it seems like the only thing i`ve done right is connecting all the power connectors to the motherboard But i only find 4 btw. 20pin, 4pin, floppyconnector and the common HD connector.
  14. Hi! I got my Opteron 146 CAB2E 0546 FPAW, couple of weeks ago and i got quite dissapointed about the OC. After a while a accepted the bad OC results. I thought i just got a bad stepping, but today i`ve been reading about other ppl with the same stepping and they are able to push it @ 2.8-3+ so i just began to wonder if maybe there is something else i can do to make my OC better. My tops now are 254*10= 2540mhz @ 1.45 Vcore 263*10= 2630mhz @ 1.614 Vcore 273*10= 2730 @ 1.7 Vcore just did it for one test. So. I use aircooling and the CPU temp is about 52 full load with 1.6 Vcore. NB temp 50-55. Would it be worth buying water cooling or something to get the temps down, can you overclock more when u lower the temp without increasing the Vcore? I use memory divider so thats not the problem. My 380W PSU only has 20pin contact and the motherboard has 24. Is it possible that i would do better in my OC if i had a better PSU with a 24pin contact? I dont know if my signature works, if it dosnt, the motherboard is a DFI Lanparty ULTRA -D Thank you very much for taking your time to read/answer! Sorry if my english is bad =)
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