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  1. the point is i am waiting on my conroe X6800 to arrive.
  2. My idle temps are 26c and full load 54c with my celeron 346 3.06GHZ ant 4.5GHZ nice board the p5w-dh
  3. I solved the problem by b uying the asus P5W_DH
  4. Is it true that this board won't go higher than 370FSB?. just wAZnt to know if i should return the brand new 1 i have here for a board that will reach 400+. thanks.
  5. thanks for the help guys. I get good burn speed if i only burn 1 cd. but when i burn 2 cds at the same time the problem still exists. i have the drives on seperate ide leads as master. i will see what happens when i reinstall chipset drivers.
  6. ok it didn't help after all. i should of checked to see if it did work when i first did it.
  7. thanks that helped. Will check burn speed now.
  8. Device manager has no option on choosing udma. i am using the ide drivers that came with the venus install cd.
  9. I have used heaps of differant media. How do i find UDMA? I will install nero on my other OS to see if it helps. thanks for the help so far guys.
  10. I have had this venus for 2 months and all of a sudden it is making my cd/dvd burners take upto 20 minutes to burn a cd/dvd when it used to take less than 4 minutes at 24x, i have tried 3 differant burners and same problem . can someone please help?
  11. MY temp right now is showing 31c idle. at stock volts watercooling, with cpu at 2.38ghz opteron 175. when gaming it reaches 38. same temps as my Ultra-d was giving. i will do stressCPU right now with 2 instances.here is stresscpu x2 idle and full load. here is idle. here is load.
  12. also the temp is reporting correct wth venus.
  13. my venus didn't cost %50 more than what the Expert. expert $329AUD - Venus $449AUD just remember that uccc is boosted by about 10-14% I haven't owned a expert yet as my last board was a ultra-d, My ram tests were done on a friends Expert motherboard. I remember everyone bagging the Expert when it first came out. It is the nature of the beast, to try pounding our chests louder than anyone else to show how dominating we can be..
  14. well the box is made of cheap cardboard IMO. my clip on my box was missing a screw so that led me to the conclusion of that. The board is much better than the expert. here is what i have found so far. 1. G.SKILL 4400LE 2 x 256MB 2.5-3-3-7 1T Expert = 310mhz 2.96v memtest stable Venus = 315mhz 2.96v memtest stable 2. Corsair 3500LL 2 x 1GB 2.5-3-2-5 1T Expert =240mhz memtest stable Venus = 255mhz memtest stable I will test my corsair 3200XL Expert 2 x 512MB in the next few days and see if i can beat 265mhz 2.5-3-3-6 1T
  15. it is made of cheap carboard. very nice board exactly like the expert apart from the ALU compaciters and the better overclock with ram. i am yet to try my corsair expert TCCD ram.
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