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  1. yes i did: first i cut off the top of the plastic pins, so that i was able to remove the cooler. after that i cut again at the very bottom of the pins, so the "rest" just fell off between the mobo and the case (i hope you have your spacers installed ) just be very cautious not to damage the mobo's surface! i have a question myself: where can i get the Evercool VC-RE shipped to Switzerland OR France - for a decent price - with that i especially mean the shipping fees. yet i was unable to find any shops which didn't ask for astronomical shipping costs...!
  2. well i've seen people suggesting this cooler in this forum - i first wanted to get the evercool which everyone seems to love, but the problem is that its totally unavailable near switzerland. so i found this titan for ~10$ and gave it a try. if nobody can give me a positive feedback or infos about the mounting, i'll have to find this highly praised evercool somewhere... and tbh, this titan cooler indeed makes a very crappy impression...
  3. yesterday i replaced the very noisy chipset cooler of my expert board by this one: Titan TTC-CUV2AB/RHS. the good thing is: the NB is quiet now - the bad thing is, that its even hotter than before! according to smart guardian and everest i have 50-52°C in idle - even if i speed up the fan of the titan to the max i can't get it below 47°C ! with the standard cooler i was able to cool it down below 40°C... well there must be something wrong with the (my) installation. if you follow the link above you can see that the cooler comes with 4 mounting clips in different sizes, which are: 52.0, 54.8, 59.0 and 79.8mm i measured ~54mm for the space between the mounting holes on the expert board, so i took the 54.8mm clip. i also used the thermal paste that came with the cooler itself (which surely isnt the best...) did anyone else install this cooler on a SLI-DR board? maybe i took the wrong clip? because if i had to unmount the titan again, i'd have to uninstall my whole computer. to explain: as lazy as i am, i just cut off the plastic pins of the standard chipset cooler instead of unmounting them properly (saved me ALOT of time) - but if i do this again, i wont have any spare pins to mount it again thx for your help!
  4. OMG that cant be ! look, i mean what do you do at the "boot from CD" screen, do you actually press a button then?? cause you should NOT do ANYTHING
  5. it might be only me, but i think there is some general misunderstanding: you say "then it reads the cdrom and copies to the instllationfolders, reboots and it repeats." -> but this only happens when you press a key at the point where it says "Boot from CD" - but what do you really do? do you press a key or what? sorry if i overlooked something you said previously, but i really dont know if i get you right as i went through this installation procedure myself a 1000 times or so =)
  6. i think thats quite normal - my old P4C 2.8ghz was running primestable @3.5ghz, ram @250 1:1. but if wanted to get 3501mhz, prime failed after 5min at max, no matter what divider/fsb/voltage etc. i used... anyway you should be very happy with your results =)
  7. well i normally would agree with the others, but considering the 1.68V you have to give to your san diego for the 2.9ghz, i'd think about doing it otherwise...
  8. 1. what formatting option did you choose in the winxp insallt menu (ntfs/fat quick/full)? 2. you say that the installation begins again after the setup copied the files right (where the 15sec-timer comes)? cause that would be the point where the 1st reboot is needed. and after that, where EXACTLY does the "installation" (actually the installation itself didnt really start at this point) start again? which screen do you see after the POST and the raid-check? i think this hasnt really been clear yet =)
  9. ok i'll definitively try that, thx something else: my cpu seems to be extremely bad for overclocking. i even have trouble running it stable past 2.5ghz, which is pretty poor for a 4200+ imo... well thats another problem, first i wanna get rid of the sudden restarts and freezes.
  10. my pc just freezes mostly very short (after a couple of minutes) after turning it on for the first time each day. normally it works fine then after a reset, but sometimes i get a sudden reboot every once in a while (no matter if idle or load). but also the freezes can reoccur every now and then... i ran the 1st and the 3rd Prime bench for 10 hours each, both without any errors. i previously had a problem with gettin my ocz pc4800 to run at all (see my old thread) , but after i reinstalled them (i was running some value rams for like 1.5 months), they were miraculously running fine... so i was playing around with the bios settings to run them @600mhz by testing settings from other people in this forum with a similiar setup. my OC settings are: Genie BIOS Settings: FSB Bus Frequency - 290 --> cpu @2320mhz LDT/FSB Frequency Ratio - x3 CPU/FSB Frequency Ratio - x8 PCI eXpress Frequency - 100Mhz CPU VID StartUp Value - 1.400v CPU VID Control - 1.450v CPU VID Special Control - auto LDT Voltage Control - 1.20v Chip Set Voltage Control - 1.60v DRAM Voltage Control - 2.80v DRAM Configuration Settings: DRAM Frequency Set - 200=RAM/FSB:1/1 the rest i dunno by heart, as i'm at work - but i can post it later today. i also tried up to 3.0v dram, higher and lower CPU vcore, and also chip set up to 1.7V But the problem mentioned above remained the same... i'm working with winxp SP2, newest patches, bios and drivers thx for your help!
  11. hey thx alot clay, great guides - gonna try it right away! =) btw you're abit crazy arent you? =D
  12. well i have 2 raptors (non-raid) and i'm still figuring out the best settings for best performance. atm i'm handling it like this raptor 1: - winxp - pagefile (system managed size) raptor 2: - progs - games - pagefile2 (system managed size) - temp-files afaik, the pagefile wont get fragmented when it has a fixed size - but u can only set a size range (or system manged like i did) - so im still wondering: - what pagefile setup to use with my 2x rapter config? - better system managed or fixed size? - other possible tweaks?
  13. u gave me a good laugh hehe =) OT: windows has some very weird behavior - it depends on what drivers/software/games etc u have installed (even in which order), what services r running (check msconfig) and so on...
  14. thanks for your help andy - but i think there is a little misunderstanding: i mean that 1 of the two modules runs perfectly stable (at stock settings that is), while the 2nd one makes my system reboot before even getting into windows. therefore i conclude that 1 of those sticks is broken... anyway i will try a little bit of tweaking before i finally RMA them - i made a word-document with some info i gathered from this and the bleedingedge forum for every1 who needs help oc'ing OCZ PC4800 sticks with an SLI-DR (Expert) board (see attachement) /edit: is there no other way to reset the bios than setting the cmos-jumper? because with most non-working settings i cant even get to the bios - i only get a black screen. it is terribly annoying and most of all, very time-consuming =p
  15. well it cant have anything to do with my timings or other mem settings, as i have a perfectly stable system with 1 module, while the other1 is constantly giving me bluescreens... anyway keep us up to date with ur problem please =)
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