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  1. I doubt that board will work without the EPS plug. You will most likely need to upgrade your psu.
  2. All that said and very true, if your board is working and you have no real issues with your system, don't bother flashing. If you are having specific problems then a new bios might be the answer. Are you having any problems? BTW good choice in getting that board. When i first got mine it was a nightmare for me. I got totally frustrated to the point of wanting to smash it to pieces. But persistence paid off. I am totally into this board and loving it.
  3. You really should try that 11/17 bios bro. That 11/17 bios and the 11/02 are the ONLY 2 bios that work in SLI for me. I am pretty sure all the other bios were modified for ram and voltage tweaks. On another note, Is it possible that the 2 video cards have different bios? Have you thought about flashing them with a new bios to be sure they are running the same version?
  4. I like the 11/17 bios myself. Its the only one that works in SLI for my setup. I have tried every bios made for this board to find that this is the ONLY one that works SLI. Also i have to put my ram in slots 2 & 4. I have heard that using all 4 slots for ram dosnt work out to well.
  5. I recently had a 4 led with no boot problem myself. I replaced my ram and it worked fine. RMAing my ram. Use slots 2&4 for your ram. Can you get into the bios? If so set all your ram timings to default.
  6. All my saved bios (cmos reloaded) always worked for me. Never had a problem. Ive been through 4 different bio and still have the same saved ones that work fine. Thats pretty strange that happened to you.
  7. What slot are your rams in? Use the orange. Sometimes trying one stick at a time is a good idea. To rule out your rams. You're resetting the cmos correctly. And as far as resetting it. I have done hundreds of cmos resettings and never more than 10min. Most of the time for like 30 secs. I hope your chipset isnt corrupt. but try your rams first and make sure that it dosnt run on any single stick. If it does then you know theres a bad stick.
  8. Do you have Cool n quiet enabled? Disable it. Disable cpu thermal throttling. Use the 11/17/ bios for SLI trust me. I've tried every bios there is for this board. Its the best one i've tried for SLI. This and the 11/02 are the only stable SLI bios. But the 11/02 dosnt recognize the FX60. Going Phase change next week. Should bring a ton of problems. I cant wait.
  9. Darn i was there and never saw that. Please accept my apology.
  10. omg Could someone just answer the question. please stick to the thread topic. Where are the VDIMM measure points?
  11. Thanks for the help. Hmm i never thought of using the search protocal. If i had i would have known that theres nothing about the EXPERT board and how to manually measure vdimm here. And i would have known that i would have gotten a stupid answer like use the search feature. So i wouldnt have posted the question. But i'm not that smart.
  12. Anyone know of an DFI "Expert" Layout of voltage readings like this. Cause they're not the same
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