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  1. Learn how to program, than do freelance stuff ... that's where the money can be found.
  2. << I'm back! >> Well, kinda. I'm running the dumb dedicated IP of my neighbors, we got a wireless router last night and set that up, put the wireless USB adapter in ... and well I'll scarcely be around, don't want it to be too noticable . tazwegion - I wasn't trying, mainly because why should I put forth 400% more effort than I should have to to learn the Algebra, when a teacher supplies you with 10 minuets worth of notes and simple variable equations, compared to the hours of salivating over a 40 step problem? It's to the point, I understand 4-2 ... but when we get to 4-3 it's a totally different area of the book. Oh well, it was nice to get around. It's 3:19 right now, and I'd like to let you all know ... that I'm good with logic, logical problems... finding a reasonable answer ect. Oh well, good day.
  3. Okay here's it simply ... I'm a good student in school ... 3.5GPA + but in Algebra I'm failing with a high C ... 75%. Okay I'll admit, I don't put foreward the effort I should, because the crap teacher dosen't teach. 'Copy down the notes and I hope you understand it from when I do the simple examples' but when it comes to book work. I totaly don't understand it, it's ub3r complex stuff that's making my mind boggle, and if I ask the teacher - she just does another cheesy example. So, all in all. Got report cards today. I got like 2 B's (Language and Teen Health, both high percentages) ... 1 C (Guess what subject?) and the rest were high percentage A's. Well, my mom is threatening me to take the internet away till the end of the year when I find out if I made it to 9th grade Algebra 2 / Geometry. So ... It's been a good while here, made some friends. Appreciated peoples help and comments .... so - I'm saying so long, until whenever I come back. *tear* It's hard, I mean. My mom's a craping PMS'ing ###### who thinks everything needs to be done her way, and she's soley right. Maybe I'm just being critical here, but it's to the point I've thought about trying to find a new home. So, after my speel there. I had to let this off my chest somewhere ... I'll be seeing you all around ... hopefully sometime. Email me to BS ... need some PC literate people to talk to , I'll be able to check that at the school's computers. But, I'm hoping I'll be back soon ... I'll put forth a little extra effort, see if I can get my grade up to a mid-range B or something. But ... It's been good, I'll be back - someday *dreams* Mind my narrow minded TextPad not copying it out in paragraph form, but ... I've loved my time here ... not long, and I won't stop modding. But I'll miss the people here, and all the friends I've made.
  4. Errz ... It was a matter of doing all sorts of different things. There was a link like 'Pentium Hacks?' or something I used that showed all sorts of things to do, to get the processor confused and let you do different things ... like cut the 18th pin in teh 4th row on the right shorter. It came stock at like a 2.6 multiplyer (obvoisly) and a 100Mhz FSB.
  5. Honestly, I don't know what RAM it had ect. It HAD a 1.2gb IBM Aptiva HD was pretty much useless. No, I didn't pull that number out of my .. FSB isn't judged by the number it reads like when the RAM tells you what it can do. But it's judged by the FSB Clockspeed which is 100, 133, 166, 200 ect... Which you can turn up/down by 1Mhz increments. And sorry for confusing you with the 335mhz thing. I was refering to what we'd see it as, not what the computer saw. My bad.
  6. Oh you don't know much much fun it really was! A days worth of playing around, and about a dozen bottles of Bawls made for a ... interesting ... and smelly afternoon (burnt plastic).
  7. Okay well ... I went to a garage sale and found a old IBM P1 266 sitting there and had to buy it for a measly $15. Well, I brought it home and set it up - beefed the hsf up with a 80mm and a Athlon HS I got on there somehow. Well anyways, after some fun I decided that I'd OC it (after installing Linux of course ) So ... a few hours later, I had it at 167mhz FSB (335Mhz) and at a 6x multiplyer ... Giving me 1.002 Ghz of power. I was amazed! I never saw anything one go that high before! And I was shocked ... Well, with my senses impaired to the feeling of success ... I guess I wasn't paying attention and the CPU melted to the socket! And I'm not kidding you, it looked like it was meant to be like that (which it wasn't). But ... Figure'd I'd share my crazy story. Try it for yourself . PS: The CPU temp was 92deg C w/ Laser thermal guage. I'll try to get some pics of this thing! Happy Modding
  8. HAVE A HARD OBJECT UNDER IT THAT'S DRILLABLE for holesaw cutting. ________________ <window [============] <workbench / wood Give the plexi no room to flex and crack. Take your time too, it's not like your trying to drill to China in a millisecond.
  9. I found my XTC *starts cheering*. I'll be looking for some sand paper (living in a hillbilly town it's hard to find 400 grit +) But anyway, I thank you all for your input. The fans I have are 27.5CFM. 2 intake; 1 switch, and 1 blower. It's the V11+ I took the cover already and tried to do some other stuff ... tried a different fan and stuff. But, if anyon wants to donate to my cause ... $$$ (sarcasim) I'm thinking of getting a Thermalright maybe. (Noise is a issue for me) And sticking on a ultra-silent 92mm fan. But again, I thank you for your opinions and input. I'll see what goes on and post back
  10. Okay, so I got my first pc here, just added it to the gallery. And I'm runnninga V11+. Well, I applied the thermal grease that came with it and I'm unpleased. I have some XTC around here but I can't find it . But anyway, to the point. I have a 2800+ and 4 case fans, 2 in (1 switch in/out) and 1 out. But, I get 40deg idle temps. Agravates me, since I was getting 43-45 with a cheap HSF. But this is supposta be good, and IMO it sucks. Any help? Opinions? I am not OC'd and I have a Soyo KT-400 Dragon Ultra Platnium if it means anything. Thanks in advance.
  11. A rotozip would be fairly simple imo to cut a nice window. I've cut some crazy designs on test pieces of wood ect for cabinets *don't ask me why* but they looked nice. Dremel would be hard as heck. I got a dremel for my birthday and I have about 10 cutoff wheels and 5 hours into it and I hate them, but it's the only way to go sometimes.
  12. You could go to a vinyy shop and have them make you a set of #'s and letters to sick on em' than put a clear coat over it.
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