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  1. Problem solved... thanks for your replies. Best I can tell I scratched one of the traces by accident, so one of my RAM slots is dead now. I just switched my two sticks to the other two (yellow) slots. One last question: will the RAM still be running in dual channel mode in the two yellow slots?
  2. I have the SLI-D It has two power connectors.
  3. I recently had issues with the chipset cooling fan (chipet overheating), so I took it off and cleaned both the chipset and chipset heatsink with some rubbing alcohol and applied some "real" thermal paste (AS). After I reassembled, the computer would not boot. Three red LEDs stay on and nothing appears on the screen. So far I have checked all connections (yes both power connectors are in place) and tried a different graphics card that I have access to. Any ideas? What do the four red LEDs mean on DFI boards?
  4. No particular reason, other the fact that I have had good experiences with Corsair. It's also on sale and is currently a little cheaper than comparable RAM from other brands
  5. Do you think that the reason you can't get them further is because of the motherboard/RAM combo or just the fact that you've reached the limit of the RAM? I think I'm going to go with the RAM. I trust corsair and it has excellent reviews on newegg Also, looking further in the review on newegg there were a couple people who didnt report any problems and had lanparty boards. btw, thanks for the replies everyone!
  6. Yes, it should. Read up on the wikipedia article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PCI-Express That was one one of the design aspects of PCI-Express - backwards compatibility.
  7. I'm build a system very soon (I'm going to order next week) and I've decided on a DFI Lanparty board (SLI-DR to be percise). I've heard bad things about Lanparty boards and Corsair RAM. However, my friend had no problems with his Corsair XMS RAM in his Lanparty board. I've also heard that one of the latest bios updates fixed the issues, so what is the updated "story" with Lanparty boards and Corsair RAM, particularly Corsair Dual-Channel 1GB (2 x 512) XMS. Please don't tell me to "search", I would like to hear the updated story and and hear if anyone out there has used a Lanparty board with my specific RAM. If the issues won't reduce performance and it's something that can be fixed by changing settings or whatever, I'm fine with that. Also, please reccomend some alternative RAM (right around $100, please) if you think that I will have too big of a problem with the corsair RAM.
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