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  1. Well the short cmos clear will let me boot it back up and set my bios up again and it will work fine. You're saying that flashing it again with the same bios i'm using now will clear up the issue?
  2. I have a DFI sli dr expert with the most recent bios and an optron 165 at 2.75ghz prime stable all day long. The thing is, maybe once ever 3 times I restart the screen will not initialize and my video card fan will run full speed. When i shut it off with the power button, it will then not turn on or even beep when I puch the power button until I unplug it and clear the cmos and press the power button to empty caps. Does anyone have any idea what might cause this? Startup VID perhaps? Thanks
  3. After I unneccesarilly returned some working stuff plus the value select that was causing errors in memtest, and ended up with what you see in my sig (I already had the 6800 gt and antec psu sitting around) I discovered that the issue was having two harddrives installed while trying to install windows. I found that answer somewhere on this forum, so thank you to the person who provided it
  4. Pardon my ignorance, but with these modern watercooling kits like the swifttech, do you still need to drain the system before transporting it?
  5. I just ordered a DFI NForce 4 Ut-d for my most recent build. I have 2x1gb sticks of corsair value select, a thermaltake 430watt silentpower ps, ATI x850 xt, and opteron 165. The system posts most of the time with no issues, and even shows both my sata maxtor and ide maxtor drives in bios. When I got to install windows however, even though I can see the hardrives, it always says there is no windows partition on the hd it can use. This is true even when I manually create a new partition, and I even created an ntfs partition on the sata drive in a different pc before putting in back in this rig, and still no go. Furthermore, sometimes on reboot the system will make a long beep followed by a shorter, and nothing will show on the screen. I'm guessing the mobo is defective and have it packed up for rma. If anyone knows something i may have somehow overlooked, please let me know. Thanks Put your hardware in the sig so we can see it even if you haven't purchased yet.
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