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  1. You could try reverting to 11/02 bios, I had a lot of problems running sli, with any other bios. now mines stable, could also try memory sticks in slots 2 and 4, there is some sort of problem on other bios's
  2. what Bios you running ? try 11/02 does not show fx-60 but works fine might have to put memmory into slots 2 and 4 also, Mine was exactly the same when I started off it's something to do with SLI and bios everytime I went into a 3d game it crashed , sometimes with a sound loop. 11/02 bios now its solid as a rock. i know my sig says i'm running at 2815, but i'm testing successfully I might add at 3015 Mhz no problems
  3. yes I have and it's solid.....exactly the symptoms your having....solid in 2d sound crash in 3d. I have already contacted DFI direct. they are looking at some serling work a gent on here called Muppet has done,,,,,,,,,,,, after all thr hassle mine is working solid using SLI. 7800GT's, However there is other things in Bios that might make a tweak......drop your htt to x4 ..i was the same as you a couple of week ago, once you sort this out you will enjoy stability. try to be patient, for further help can you try to post your bios, also your using the 8 plug rail connector as other psu's use a 4 pin and you may not be utilising the psu at its best, the socket is located next to the mobo psu socket.
  4. I think you might need to do a little upgrading to get the benefit of the higher resolution, I'm running same sort of kit as you can see, but my monitor s a samsung 930bf which doesn't run at that res, I suppose without doubt even at 1280x1024 its sure to look a damn lot better with that monitor, I think maybe you might be a little week on the processor side and the PSU side of things to achieve 1600X1200 but try it by buying that monitor your probably opening doors to other things
  5. Mine are both on , I had identical problems , what nvidia drivers you running, mine was unusable only thing I can say is your psu is 520 watts that a bit shy for SLI machines especially since your running 2 hard drives and an external sound card and GTX card's are renounce as power hungry, My advice would be to remove youre external Sound Card and extra drives and anything else your not using on a temporary basis, run machine see if it settles down, if it does replace PSU with a OCZ 700w version, like I say your PSU looks under powered for the amount of kit your running, Hope this helps
  6. what slots are your memmory in , if not already try them in slots 2 and 4.
  7. Still working Fine, have spoke to DFI, and copied link to this posting, showing Muppets hard work, hopefully they will take a look and maybe update the bios or something
  8. Been working without a single Glitch for 2 days fingers crossed
  9. All I can say is no probs without SLI....If you go SLI Here is My advice... Use 11/02 Bios, make sure ram is in slots 2 and 4 and it rocks no problem, any other config/ bios is virtually unusable, my only drawback to this is my FX-60 comes up unknown but still does the job... good luck
  10. The Expert has serious SLI problems , use one at your Peril...check post on Expert and SLI been going on for months ....enough said
  11. Thanks for getting back, mate.. Well i've changed to 11/02 and It crashed in Minutes however trawling through the pages Someone mentioned putting your RAM in slots 2 and 4, which I've done. I have re-enabled SLI and also went back to 84.21 Driver package....I'll let you know how I get on... P.S. I am not happy with the response or Lack of it from DFI...This thread has been going for sometime now without anything more than Lip Service
  12. Also check them in slots 2 and 4 mine failed in 1 and 3.
  13. Any more feedback about board revisions etc ?
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