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  1. hi, as i said before 'my antec sonata 2 case/450 smartpower psu is less that 3 months old and everything worked fine in it before. Im going to try my NF7 in there later on, ill just connect the board without cpu/fans or anything'
  2. im using the ez buttons that are for 'DIY' users, or should i say users with problems, like myself
  3. I havent tried another power supply but i will check my old NF7S motherboard still works with it tonight. I have tried outside the case It sounds like his fans spinup/move a little when he presses the button. If the power supply works with my old mother board but not this one what am i suppose to do? send the motherboard back or the case and psu??? god dammit how come nothing ever goes to plan?
  4. yes - the 20pin connection and 4pin adapter is locked in the 4 pin connection next to it is in the floppy 4hole connection is in which is then linked to the molex im sure my pics look the same as the ones on here - heres mine-
  5. thanks, i tried pressing the reset button a few times when it did nothing, so i have sort of checked that. Am i missing something thats really simple?
  6. Hi, Im new to these forums since yesterday since my new hardware arrived (dfi ultra-d, opteron 146 and X1800XT) I have connected and tried almost everything to get the board working and powering all fans etc but its just not having it. So far all im seeing is the standby light and the DRAM light, I press the power button and no fans or the power supply start up. Please see this thread for specific information and pictures thanks geeza http://www.50klicks.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6898
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