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  1. just another question, i was on a googling frenzy and i came across this - http://www.netzgeraet.de/images/medium/sfx...r1_henri-de.jpg that reserved pin is the same one im missing, yet the other testing powersupply has it, any thoughts?
  2. yeah a lot of peace of mind , the alternate powersupply - i dont trust it its not up to par.....but the system went down to ONE(1) LED which meant the CPU, the RAM and the VIDEO CARD were fine, so i was happy, i cant believe that happened tho....how does enermax miss a whole pin connector....im getting RMA number tomorrow, will post any developments....and hopefully pics of it all up and running thanks to all.....im very glad the uber DFI board wasnt the cause of the problem
  3. my enermax liberty .the 20pin connector only has 19......and then my total pins is 23.....i guess THATS gettin RMAd
  4. ok......well i put in another powersupply i borrowed from my friend, i dont trust it ....but with it the cpu fan started spinning.....everythin seems fine.....im going to try to boot......
  5. k so what do u guys think, RMA the motherboard?
  6. well same result with cpu NOT inside comp, i will update this tonite as i have to work now....
  7. k ill try takin out the cpu.....the powersuply fan does spin so i dont think its bad....besides its an enermax they cant let me down......
  8. AAAAAHHHHHHHH ok is there any way to check.....im no eletrical genius but can i use a ...multimeter? i guess i RMA both motherboard and CPU?
  9. and i dont have access to another cpu....my friends have ancient computers/laptops.....
  10. What do u think could be fried? the motherboard or the cpu?
  11. well i have been using the onboard power switch
  12. well i tried that too just now.....no HD connected even, and i tried moving just one stick everywhere.....still same stuff
  13. oh god.....i wore my ESD bracelet the whole time i never touched any connectors.....was SO CAREFUL
  14. yep i checked all the wires, i tried the ram in different positions
  15. Well i just got my comp today the specs are 4400+X2 DFI Ultra D Enermax Liberty 620W evga 7800GTCO 250gig Sata2 Seagate LG dvdrw when i put the power cable in the 2 Orange leds turn on and stay on, when i push the power button on the motherboard i dont get a beep or anything, the 4Red LEDs Flash once and then turn off. The chipset and powersupply fans both start turning but then stop and nothin happens, help will be much appreciated, thanks in advance
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