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  1. My motherboard if the Lanparty UT nf4 Ultra-D and I believe the chipset fan is going bad. It's the one right behind one of the PCI-e slots. Is there a good fan that anyone can recommend as a replacement? Preferrably something on Newegg. I also need something that isn't any bigger than the current one since the graphics card is massive and fits right up against it. Also, anything I should know about changing the fan out? I haven't actually changed a fan on a chipset before and the way it attaches to the motherboard I'm not accustomed to. Also is the chipset pretty sensitive to frying if the fan does happen to go out? I know sometimes the cheap boards don't always have very great cooling options so I just wanted to make sure. Thanks for the help!
  2. So even though it was an optical drive, it would still cause your computer to lockup? If that's true, then it is very likely it was that drive. Also in response to the previous post, I was using the Disk Management screen, but I found even that to not correspond with the events because it lists my Sata drive as "Disk2" while technically it is "harddrive4"...
  3. Okay well can someone at least answer this - If it wasn't the primary OS drive, could another hard drive cause the system to lock up even though one is on SATA and one is on IDE? And could this happen during boots even when there should be nothing loading on the secondary drive?
  4. I was wondering if someone could help me identify which hard drive is giving the error as listed in Windows event viewer under system. The event only lists the hard drive as "DeviceHarddisk1D". Now there are two drives I suspect but unfortunately with some of the things that happened it could be either one that is faulty. My main drive actually has a the D: letter assigned to it on a partition. However it is actually identified as Harddisk2. The Harddisk1 would actually be my second drive(as configured by the motherboard), and I thought maybe since the drive letters are really only assigned by Windows if it was actually giving the "hardware" drive letter instead of the "software" one. If that makes sense. Either that or the D means nothing at all. The reason why I thought maybe it was my main hard drive is because 1- its new - 2- it seems like the system would stop responding whenever I heard the drive make a loud click noise - I figured that would only happen if it was the main system disk but I dont know if thats necessarily true. Plus it would lock up while loading Windows too, and so I dont know if that would have been affected by it being a secondary hard drive that shouldn't have been involved in that process. The reason why it might be the second hard drive is because when all this was happening, I finally rebooted one time and that drive did not appear. I made sure all the cables were all the way in. The power plug seemed just a smidge loose, but it didnt seem like it would have been able to cause a problem. Especially since its been like that for a while. Everything now is running fine, but its kind of hard to tell still whether or not its because of the way I have things set up. At the same time I did this I also removed the side panels and have my main hard drive loose (suspecting it may have been getting too hot as well). So its hard to tell what was actually causing the problem. The last thing also is that maybe the 'D' in the event also is just a code instead of a drive letter. So any help is appreciated... Thanks!
  5. Yeah it does not give me the option for multiple displays. *sigh* I guess I should try reseating the video card but I really hope I dont have to do this every time it decides it doesn't want to work. And that is, assuming it works in the first place.
  6. I have a MSI Geforce 6800GT and I've having some problems with the dual display. It was working a while ago, I use the monitor and s-video for my tv... and I have it configured as an extended desktop. Well at some point it stopped showing up as a dual desktop... it only shows just a single monitor even though it lets me switch between my tv and monitor. I've tried updating drivers, or using old drivers because I thought that was it, but its not. A couple weeks ago I put in a different card just to try it out (it needs to be RMA'd so its not like I can keep using it, and it's not mine). Well after I put back in my card my dual display was working again. For a little while. I switched what output I was using for my monitor and I'm not sure if that's what caused it to disappear again... It's really kind of irritating because I can't stand switching my display over to the tv... extended desktop is really the way to go. I also dont think this is a driver/windows issue because when it is working it also shows on my tv when it displays the BIOS info and Windows loading screens. Anybody got an ideas on what's going on and how to solve this? I dont see why it just doesn't register like its supposed to.
  7. Thanks guys. Well I don't know what was going on, but I got it to work by switching the RAM into the orange slots. As far as the power supply, it's included in the XG Dragon case so I'm not sure what it is... but it doesn't matter now. Thanks again!
  8. I just finished a new build for a friend... but I am having some problems. First, sometimes the motherboard will stop at 2 lights... which I assume means a problem with the ram? Sometimes it will get all the way through this, and I can enter the bios. However, after the bios screen comes up and when it would normally start loading windows... it just shows a blinking cursor in the upper left hand corner, and that's it. This is all I have been able to get it to do. Here's the specs on the system: XG Dragon case AMD San Diego 4000+ w/stock cooling 2x512 MB Corsair Value Select ram EVGA 7900 GT CO NF-4 Ultra D (of course) WD Raptor 74.8 GB Generic DVD drive Generic CD-R drive 1.44" Floppy drive I'm gonna try fiddling with the ram, but I thought in the mean time if anyone had any suggestions... Thanks for any help.
  9. Hah, I know this isn't the problem but I felt like sharing. My sister had a super crappy cd-rom drive in her computer and it would not install windows xp because it kept giving errors because it couldn't read the cd. It didn't happen while in Windows so I have a quick question... does Windows employ some type of error-checking to prevent this?
  10. I think the OCZ brand is worth a look as well.
  11. Should I switch the mics too? Or if the audio doesn't work does this cause the mic not to work either?
  12. Well I'm not sure how accurate what you heard is, I couldn't say. I'm using a stick of Corsair XMS 512MB myself with no problems. It's PC2700 so it might be a little older than what you have. I'm also running it dual channel with a Gigaram stick.
  13. I'm trying to hook up my audio (audio out + mic in) plugs from my case to the onboard audio. Unfortunately, the descriptions from the motherboard to the case don't match so I'm having a hard time. I'm not sure which one is correct because they both label them differently. I have a dragon case... here's what connectors I have: Mic, Mic Bias, Ret-R, Ret-L, FPOut-R, FPOut-L, Aud Gnd The karajan audio module has these connectors: Mic_Right, Mic_Left, Gnd, Vcc, Line Out Right Front, Line Out Right, Line Out Left, Line Out Left Front, NC Now I have removed the jumpers, and I have hooked up Aud Gnd -> Gnd, I don't remember the exact configuration of the others, but the 2 mics are on the 2 mics, and the other 4 are matched with what I thought matched. It doesnt' work though, and what I don't understand is that the jumpers have been removed, but the plugins on the back of the module are still enabled and that's what I'm using right now. Thanks for any help!
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