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  1. so multiple ps2 have been not working(without the usb one), if that is so then try a new bios, if that doesn't work then it is probabaly hardware.
  2. ...ummm...huh? you mean you needed to change a setting on your mouse itself to run dual mice?
  3. so it just kinda clicked with me, when i went to plug my fan back in a while back and when i looked back the display was gone my computer had not resarted or anything because there were no beep codes...so i guess my graphics card dies when i plugged a fan into my fan controller... that doesn't sound quite right thoughhhhh...no clue what could have killed it
  4. well see what you can do about it in the device manager, might be able to set it up in there
  5. yeah, i would just use one mouse. do you want different dpi or somthing?
  6. ohhhh lol , i was just like...DUAL MOUSE?!?!1337!! yeah as kandoo said, i didn't even know that worked though. have you chnaged bioses since it worked? EDIT: *flashback* i guess i did do that once actualy just to see how much it could wig out
  7. no problem man, yeah i should be on, i'm trying to resolve problems too . good night
  8. k, so i decided to try out an old pci graphics card and it worked, my 6800gs is not being detected in either of my pci-e 16x slots. it was just working yesterday or the day before... also it takes forever for it to register my pci graphics card, a good 15 seconds probabaly.
  9. it's probabaly software, but ram isn't out of the question though.
  10. ah, yeah just when i looked into the pfn one it seemd to be only with 2000, whatever . yeah actualy the first one about the pool header is probabaly just related to the last thing you installed, if you can recall anything of the sort, or any fairly major changes, even minor things are worth a shot if you can't think of anything else
  11. well if you have drivers for that try uninstalling them
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