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  1. I have the OCZ Gold XTC PC3200 stable @ 260HTT 1:1 2.5-3-3-7. Lester
  2. No direct experience but I have the OCZ Gold XTC PC3200 2 x 1GB kit. Runs @ 234MHz (DDR468) @ 2.5-3-3-7. SiSoft Ram test around 6500/6250. At work right now and cannot remember exactly. Good luck. $40 rebate on this RAM at zipzoomfly right now. ------------------------------------
  3. Bump. Anyone have a link to the HBA Utilities 3.0?
  4. OCZ520WADJSLI. Same thing. SLI ready.
  5. All four (24pin, 4pin, molex, floppy) are connected. The funny thing is that I am overclocking to HTT/FSB 235 (from a standard 200) and everything is fine and stable. Once I go to 236, it will not pass "DMI POOL...". I figured it would at least boot Windows AND THEN it would lock or crash. In any case, good advice on the PSU. I won't be home until Friday, so the PSU should be at my hoouse before I am. So I will install the PSU before trying anything else. Thanks for your insights. Lester
  6. My max ratio is 10x. The RAM is declocked to 1/02 right now. Thanks for your suggestion.
  7. I am using 2 x Corsair CMX512-3200C2 RAM. The FSB is set to 1/02. All other settings are on AUTO. Do I need to back down the timing manually when trying to find the max on the HTT/FSB frequency? I thought it would enough to put it on the multiplier. If this is a PSU issue, then I have ordered the OCZ Powerstream 520w and expect it to arrive in a couple of days. Thoughts? Thanks
  8. And I took your advice on the signature. Thanks again!
  9. Thanks for the advice. I am ordering a OCZ Powerstream 520w today. Hopefully that will alleviate the problem. When I get home this weekend, I'll check the timings on the RAM. They are all on AUTO right now. But it is exactly at the point you describe where the POST fails. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Question: Would RAM timiing be the issue even if I backed off the RAM multiplier to 1/02? Thanks.
  10. I have a 7800GT (not GTX). Does that make a difference? If not, then the consensus would be that the PSU is underpowered. So then how about a Powerstream 520W? Will that do? Thanks again. Lester
  11. Aside from replacing the PSU, is there another way to test whether it is the culprit? Thank you again. Lester
  12. So I set up my new rig over the weekend. Everything is working fine. System is stable (two instances of Prime95 ran for 12 hours before I turned it off). Everything is stock specs except for HTT/FSB frequency. I changed it to 235Mhz. Everything else (clocks and voltages) are unchanged. So I proceed to isolate and identify the maximums for each area with 1. LDT/FSB multiplier to 3x 2. FSB frequency multiplier to 1/02 (100Mhz) 3. CPU/ FSB ratio to 10x 4. HTT/ FSB frequency to 235 Everything ran fine. Everything is stable. Without changing anything else, I changed HTT/ FSB freq. to 236 and the system will not POST. It stops at the same point everytime and restarts: immediately after the PCI device check just before "DMI pool okay". When HTT/ FSB is 235, it boots into Windows and is stable. At 236 or higher, it will not get to "DMI POOL" blah blah blah... I then kept all things the same but tried to increase voltage to the CPU. I increased it to 1.582v using a combination of the CPU VID (1.4v) and CPU VID Special (113%). Same result: got past PCI devices detected, then restart just before the "DMI POOL" message. Does this indicate the max HTT/ FSB frequency for my chip? I thought that when I got to the limit, I would at least be able to boot Windows and then the system would crash. All input or suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the suggestions. Monitor is connected and there's nothing. Tried clearing BIOS as well. Thanks. Lester
  14. Just received all of my gear and performing initial installation. I installed an AMD64 x2 3800+ with the Big Typhoon. At this point the mobo is out of the case. I attached all three power leads - 24pin, 12v, and floppy style 5v/12v from the board to the power supply. Ram is in and video card is in. Front panel wires (HDD LED, RESET, PWR, PWR LED) are connected. I flip the switch on the power supply. Before I push the power on the case, the system fan starts spinning, the Standby LED on the mobo is lit in red and the video card fan is spinning. I HAVEN'T pushed the case power button yet... When I do push power, nothing happens. No DRAM power light, no CPU fan. Is this board DOA? Thank you.
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