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  1. have no problems setting up water on rdx 200 dfi board water blocks on video chipset and fx55 all runs great cpu=36c, chipset 37c, video card=40c
  2. have no problems setting up water on rdx 200 dfi board water blocks on video chipset and fx55 all runs great cpu=36c, chipset 37c, video card=40c
  3. just add another rad to the loop go from the pump to the rad to the cpu to the rad then to the video then to the n/b. hmmm idle/load cpu=29/38, n/b=28/35, video is amazing 30/46 x1900xtx
  4. now I had to turn puter off, turn switch off on psu, disconnect power cord from psu, hit power button to discharge m/b, then jump the bios and then i had to take the power plug out of the motherboard and put it all back togethter again then it booted up. But don't forget to go into bios and change the ram settings that worked for you b4 all this . happened. The reason it happened to me was because I installed vantec water system and after I turned it on the fans spun up then shut down right away > At first i thought i screwed the board up what a relief!
  5. Nope can't see from where i'm sitting got to back away from the desk to see it i could have put it inside but want all rads and pump outside to eliminate all heat source as possible and easy access works for me.
  6. Swiftec MCX159-CU ..... get the all copper one but it is high don't know if it will clear the video slot but it works great for cooling had to chop mine down abit to clear capasitor on the video card. Had it on the msi neo2 board obviously totally different setup this round everything is water cooled with vantec water system
  7. Temps idle/ full load (cpu=30c/40c) (video 1900xtx=31c/42c n/b=30/36)
  8. vantec stingray water system installed and working good after I fixed companies screwup. Temps idle/ full load (cpu=30c/40c video 1900xtx=30c/42c n/b=30/36) couple of pics to view installed system
  9. Don't buy this unless you are prepared to mod the n/b and the video blocks as neither one of these blocks make contact with the chips. Bad engineering job even worse management job to allow this product to be produced. I have fixed my problem but takes alot of sanding the flange on these blocks to allow the brackets to be higher then the core of block so it makes contact with the chips. After that annoyance and really stupid first time water system from vantec I have achieved good results > idle/ full load cpu=32c/40c video 1900xtx=39c/48c n/b=30/36 on dfi. Now i think thats pretty good temps but like i said u will have to modify these blocks , the only one that doesn't require modding is the cpu block.
  10. well it boots up with 1t but can't run ne benchmark craps out. Then again the stepping on this chip is CG hammer the first that came of the line so i'm thinking that might be it or i can't get the timings right in the bios if neone knows how to set proper timings be it default 200mhz on the ram and chip (fx55 hammer) with 4x512 ocz limited platinum 2-2-2-5 ver 2 i would certainly appreciate the info thanks.
  11. could some tell how to edit my sig please
  12. Installed dfi crossfire board and x1900xtx not one problem didn't even have to install xp just deleted the essentials and way to go not one single problem including user probs what a blast 11601 in 3dmark05, 3d2003=18930 3d2001=31206
  13. May eliminate many users problems http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,1697,1932949,00.asp
  14. the reason why i'm wondering is because i have been reading forums for 3 days and as neone knows the more ur in here the more confused u get. Can someone enlighten me as to is this a good board for performance. Yes i have done my search and things are kinda conflicking would like to here from someone in this forum. signed confused
  15. this is what i came across http://www.techpowerup.com/printreview.php...DFI/LPNF4Expert can neone shed some light on this for me. Has neone come across this problem, according to this the board was modified after production could this be true? I want to buy this board but starting to have second thoughts
  16. thanks tecknodanvan thats about all i got out of forums too was just wondering if nething was missed. so basically its just setting the ram manually one stick first hmmm never got that but beats reboots thanks again. If I get this running it will be awesome gaming rig.
  17. will be buying dfi nf4 expert motherboard with a x1900xtx video need heads up on buggy bios settings. Read alot of forums on this board some hate it most love it but what are the trips ups when first setting up the board. Will only be swapping the m/b and video card out of my present setup.
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