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    P4 2.8 Ghz Watercooled-OC'2 3.3 Ghz<br>2048 MB Kingston PC-3500 HyperX Ram<br>Asus P4P800 Deluxe Mobo<br>Radeon 9800 Pro 128 MB DDR W/Thermal Take Giant 2<br>ThermalTake Xaser 3 case<br>Evercool Watercooler<br>Western Digital 200GB Hard Drive
  1. FrozenLightning

    Overclocking 9600 Mobility

    Ok, my brother just got a brand new laptop, it has a Radeon 9600 mobility video card, 3.0 ghz p4 with 800 mhz fsb, it's a pretty pimp laptop. What he's wondering is where he can get an overclocking program to overclock the core from 233 mhz to about 250 mhz, because online that's what most guys do and they score about 600 points better on 3dmark 2003. Anyone have any suggestions/experiences? Thanks, Mike
  2. Hey, can you tell me what settings I should have my Open GL and Direct 3d at in the ATI toolbar? For running 3dmark 2k3 Thanks for your time.. comp stats are as in sig, Mike
  3. FrozenLightning

    Lapping Heat Sink And Cpu

    I think he meant "Srry about that thats some bad luck" lol, Mike
  4. FrozenLightning

    Best Guitarists?

    I don't know much about guitars.. but to me the most unique sounding i've ever heard is Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine- and some of his stuff in Audioslave. Mike
  5. FrozenLightning

    Dual Code Cathodes-

    Thanks again It's awesome when i turn off all my lights it like makes my room (it has white walls) look all patriotic style.... I posted a better pic of it to... thanks again!! Mike
  6. FrozenLightning

    Dual Code Cathodes-

    Lol where'd you come up with 6,000? My comp, with the lights, the CS sticker, everything, PLUS my Samsung 21'' 1155 DF Tru-Flat Syncmaster monitor was only 1930 dollars. Plus i'm 16 and I work all the time so i deserve it lol.. Mike OH the water kit added some but oh well... Thanks for the compliments!!!
  7. FrozenLightning

    Dual Code Cathodes-

    These baby's look pimp juice in my comp... lol, Mike Just wanted you all to see the l337ness...
  8. FrozenLightning

    P8p800 Deluxe Motherboard!

    Yeah man.. take it from me, this mobo OWNZ.... everytyhing... bow down, I use it to.. Mike
  9. FrozenLightning

    Kingston Hyperx Pc3500 1024 Megz

    Buy my ram!! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...gory=44938&rd=1 Thanks, Mike
  10. FrozenLightning

    Canadian Or America Or Other

    Basically we were attacked because they hate us for our power, wealth, and success. They hate the fact that they have no money when we have a plethora of it. They hate the fact that they can't have women when it's the cool thing here. They hate the fact that their technology is far less superior to ours... They hate the fact that we don't care about their religion... that we worship other gods.... and I think that's the truth, Mike
  11. FrozenLightning

    Pc4000 1gig Kits

    Hey dude.. do you have AIM or can we talk on the phone? I can give you complete specs there.. or MSN... my stuff is on here.. but AIM to FearSystm.. thanks Mike
  12. FrozenLightning


    Girls rule.. I can't live without them.... i'm a cuddly guy lol.. I need women...... lol plain and simple.. and i'm 16... i hate to see myself at 20 lol.. here's the next ron Jeremy.. haha, Mike
  13. FrozenLightning

    Pc4000 1gig Kits

    Not sure.. i'd like to talk to Will and see what version of Bios he has.. i think i ahve 1009 or whatever... and get back to me man interested!!! I'm a kid with a lot of caash that loves ordering stuff.. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ME!! Lol, Mike
  14. FrozenLightning

    Radeon 256 Mb 9800 Pro

    Lol, I have both a 128 9800 pro that i norm use and a 256 9800 in my WS... well, I put it in this comp today trying to run 3dmark seeing if i'd score better, and it's hilarious, my case temp has increased by around 15 degrees celsius... LOL...... this thing is SO crap HOT!! The first time i took it out of my comp I had "DDR 2" burnt into my fingertips from the Ram Heatsinks ROFL... Mike
  15. FrozenLightning

    .::water Cooling::. (problems)

    Man you're not being very helpful here.. What do you thinK? Do you have any clues... why don't you test a different power supply.. you keep saying "Wrong" , "I think not" "No"... were trying to help you and you're not getting anywhere at all... and you didn't even know what PSU meant.. are you sure you should be watercooling... Mike