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  1. I really need to start editing a video clip but I am having trouble getting the clip from the camcorder to the computer. My computer doesn even recognize the camera. Am I missing something? I know windows xp detects devices by itself...HELp plz :confused:
  2. hi, im trying to make a website for a club but I have no idea how can someone tell me wat i need to do (in short version) or a good site that has instructions. I will be using either dreamweaver or frontpage, and flash. also, is it difficult to make a forum? how is it different from creatin a website?
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    wat exactly is iso files?? it seems that if I select some files and make it into iso format it just becomes one image. is there any way to undo the process and make iso into regular file format?
  4. ok...I know this is a comp forum but Im trying to decide which car to buy and want to be more knowledgeable on the subject. So far, BMW 325i , Lexus is250 and audi A4 interests me the most (and it's in my price range). the question is...I have no idea which one to buy. If there are any car experts out there, can you give me any advices or some info on the ads and disads of each model?
  5. the model is HP officejet v40xi how do i check? did that how?
  6. I set up the sharing from the primary but it seems like the rig#1 doesn detect the printer
  7. Hi im using Linksys Wireless Router G for wireless network. Im currently using an HP printer on my rig#2 (sig below) and I am having trouble sharing it with my rig #1. I tried to share printers using the sharing printer feature in Win XP but it doesn seem to work...Anyone know wat the prob is??? :confused:
  8. nvm...solved it solution: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/sho...753&postcount=3
  9. k I made my computer about a month ago and after buying an external harddive, I noticed that my USB isnt set up at 2.0. When I plug the external hdd usb into the computer, a comment comes out saying that the USB composite device will function at reduced speed. you must add a HI-SPEED USB host controller to this computer to obtain max. performance I installed the USB drive from the CD that came with the mobo. What seems to be the prob??? :confused:
  10. hi Im currently using two monitors and I was wondering if there was any way to play game on one monitor while chatting on the other I think Ive heard that if u make the game to run in a window u can do that but im not sure. :confused:
  11. hi I am trying to edit a song and send to my cell phone to use it as a ring tone my friend did it with audacity program but he wont tell me how to do it :mad: anyone know how to edit the song properly? i tried the program and sent it to my phone via email but it says the file is corrupted thx ps: im using verizon
  12. Im ocing my opty165 and I noticed that in the DRAm config, the frequency only goes up to 200. Am I missing someting cuz I know my RAM is suppose to run 250 or even higher
  13. got it to work. Does it matter if i run 1 prime about 5 min earlier than the 2nd prime?
  14. ok. I followed exactly what Angry instructed(here ) but I cant seem to get prime to work on both cores. any guesses on wat the problem may be?
  15. I know this may b a simple question, but how do you run dual prime to test my opty 165? edit: also, can someone G.skill ddr500 and opty 165 post their bio RAM setting
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