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  1. start with my settings from memory in my sig the 24 7 ones i had a friend with the G.skill 2gb kit that was the DDR400 and the settings worked. post back on this if it works or not.
  2. Well its about 1 week or so from the time i removed the card so far no issues with Nforce audio other then the suckage, So I tryed the X-fi used driver cleaner to remove all audio drivers after removeing the add and remove, shutdown and installed x-fi booted and installed the webupdate v3 drives only did a restart, windows boots with clean audio, so i get the install cd out and install the apps only that i want the minimal used custom install and unchecked drivers so not to go back to older ones. reboot clean audio so i go check irq still same thing as before no irq used twice, so reboot after doing some work for 3hrs or so and well you guess CLEAN AUDIO finaly, I think that there is something wrong with the software for creative and not the hardware for nvidia. you say what you want but creative is full of BS this time around. The audio only plays in teh L and R front speakers all audio is put to them im using analog will unintall and reinstall starting with the creative cd then the update.
  3. trust I checked the IRQ issues and none where there and I have used all 3 over time I get the issue with the 1st or the 3rd release the 2nd release is beta and have not tryed it in some time. I Just got a 2407FPW Dell monitor and my second one will be here mid next week i will most likly try the card then to see if any change just wanted to test to make sure the issues where related to the creative hardware/software and no issues with the NV sound but I realy miss my x-fi
  4. I know but that is old just wondering if he already updated
  5. Had my X-Fi for some time now and just in the last week it would give the snap crakle pop issues worked on it and it worked on and off now it won't give clean audio anymore replaced card same issue, Creative is saying it is the Nforce4 chipset any one having same issues.
  6. Ok so the newest bios has ODC in the memory section when not enabled (ie set to diable) my computer corupts the audio and the damage is software and only reversal is system restore back to before it happened. any one know why this would be and with this setting what is my ram at 250fsb*11cpu, ram is at 200 1/1 and ODC is enabled so let me know more about this odc and what it could be doing and if the odc is a functional part of the bios in the 4/06 version. 250-4-11-100-1.3-1.62-2.69 200-enable-3-4-8-4-7-14-2-2-2-3-3684-1-enable-auto-0-7-3-8-normal-5-256-enable-16x-7x-disable
  7. Any new info on timeings would be great. im still at ddr 500 for stability.
  8. I would say votage on the cpu needs more but do at your own risk look at my sig its dual prime 95 stable
  9. I say B G.skill and there is a good post about them that will help out alot. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=41953 my cpu is my limiter right now so im at ddr520
  10. Ok The new set is a good set im currently at 260 DDR520 with memtest test5 377 passes no errors. will try to push more and see how far I can Go.
  11. The first set of ram was bad I have a new set and I will have the overclock soon working out the max. And I have a set with the 3-5-5-10 SPD I was wondering if you could add a ine at the top of your chart for what cpu-z shows as the SPD so we can see if the old is better then the new.
  12. well i have the 3-5-5-10 kit o well and the ram is about 40 to 50 $ cheeper now hey i only need 2.5 on the cpu and that fine.
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