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  1. Thanks everyone for your help . I recieved my board back Y/day and am up n running again . All the best & thanks again !
  2. DOH sorry didnt see that u have any PCIe slots to test it with
  3. Just out of curiosity , try putting your video card in second PCIe slot .... I did that with my board , although i still had to RMA my board , the board "worked" if u could call it that with GPU in 2nd slot ..... if it did it would rule ur vid card out.
  4. Hey RGONE , any donations to the childs education warmly welcome ....Unfortunately not tax deductable lol . Im sure he could handle an extra sata drive or two or three ....
  5. Got in contatc with DFI taiwan who advised me of a mob to send the motherboard to in victoria... Advised them of my help here on the forum and the techo agreed and advised he'd hotflash my bios for me... yessss.. So now my DFI motherboard is safely tucked up in a foam box travelling interstate for some minor heart surgery . The joys of being a proud father lol
  6. reminds me of a joke i heard bout an italian guy who goes deep sea fishing and his boat starts to sink , anyway he radios the coast gaurd who say that they'll send over a fokker friendship .... anyway the fisherman calls em back n says ...i dont need ur F$%king friendship i need your bloody help : ) All the best guys ill tell you how i go !
  7. LMAO - At least someones gettin a laff at my expense matie! .... Me thinkest it is time to consult the oracle ...
  8. having a quiet attack of tyretts syndrome here lol .... A hot flash of my BIOS CHIP OMG ! Where in Heck can i get that done in Sydney Australia lmao ? Or should i RMA the board ?
  9. thanks for your help . Ran MEMTEST for 10 minutes - on first stick of RAM it had posted one error at that point continued running , then the monitor went black . not sure y ? possible power management setting ? Put second stick of memory in , and the machine reboots continuously with it in there.... How do i manually input the RAM BIOS settings ... Overclocker newbie here
  10. I have a PS2 Keyboard connected as well as a PS/2 Mouse. And would you believe it after hooking in a "known" good IDE cable , I have succesfully got the TMODS disk to be read , im currently running MEMTEST can hardly believe it ! How long do i leave this running before i stop and try to progress on by connecting the rest of my devices up ?
  11. 1. Cleared CMOS. 2. installed 1st stick of ram into DIMM 2 (Orange). 3. first boot – nothing. Long beep .Black screen Machine does not post. One red led lit 4. swapped in a 2nd stick of ram into DIMM 2 (Orange). 5. second boot – nothing. Long beep .Black screen Machine does not post. One red led lit 6. Swapped Graphics card from PCie slot 1 to PCIe slot 2. 7. 3rd boot – Lan party flash screen comes up , can get into BIOS screens. With GPU in 2nd PCIe slot. 8. Load optimized defaults. 9. powered OFF Machine. 10. Connected DVD player to IDE controller 2 as MASTER. 11. Rebooted machine. Machine came up as follows Main Processor : AMD HAMMER Family Processor – Model Unknown Memory testing : 1048576K OK Primary IDE master : None Secondary IDE master: None Secondary IDE master : DVD DUAL GO-W1616B VER A089 Internal phy Sata 3 : None Internal phy Sata 4 : None Internal phy Sata 1: None Internal phy Sata 2 : None Warning the boot devices have been changed BBS boot priority will be affected. Please enter setup to check. BIOS date : 01/25/2005-NF-CK804-6a61FD49C-00 12. Rebooted machine with TMODS disk in DVD player – goes through to verifying DMI POOL DATA….. backup CMOS …… OK! Machine doesn’t read information from the CD installed. This was successfully however tested on old machine. So I know the CD is okay. 13. Went back into BIOS and made sure the DVD player was first priority for booting from. Saved & exited from BIOS . 14. Rebooted Machine. 15. Machine now comes up with TMODS DFI BIOS FLASH & UTILITIES CD menu . But PC locks up and I can not tab thru the menu options. 16. Rebooted Machine 17. Came up with corrupted characters on the Monitor. Still trying to get access to TMODS CD but the screen keeps locking up on the menu. 18. Swapped DVD player/Recorder with CD burner from Old working system to rule out the DVD player. 19. Rebooted machine. Hanging on 2 red lights . No beeps, nothing posted onto Monitor. 20. Left powered off for ten minutes refired PC , get thru to TMODS DFI BIOS menu machine locks up again. 21. Disconnected CD burner – Connected up just 3.5 inch floppy . 22. Booted into BIOS - Changed boot up sequence so that Floppy is first. Floppy seek enabled. 23. Saved and exited. 24. Rebooted machine which hangs again on a blankscreen , one led lit and no beeps. 25. rebooted again after waiting ten minutes This time I get flashing blue & white boxes ( similar to old dos cursor) flashing on screen. Then comes across with Main Processor : AMD HAMMER Family Processor – Model Unknown Memory testing : 1048576K OK Primary IDE master : None Secondary IDE master: None Secondary IDE master : None Internal phy Sata 3 : None Internal phy Sata 4 : None Internal phy Sata 1: None Internal phy Sata 2 : None Warning the boot devices have been changed BBS boot priority will be affected. Please enter setup to check. BIOS date : 01/25/2005-NF-CK804-6a61FD49C-00 Ive put the latest BIOS onto a floppy using the DIAMOND FLASH image from DFI website. Ive tested the disk by putting it into my old machine and seeing if it would read the disk and it did . I'm wondering if I should or should not attempt to FLASH the BIOS at this point? As you can see i have had a squillion problems with it. Im not sure how long the flash should take as i have not done that before. Any help appreciated.
  12. Just tested my TMODS disk on ol Billie ( after golf club in caddyshack ) and lo n behold it works ... can Run MEMTEST till the eight degree , put it back into Chucky and reboot. Screen is blank , wont display anything . Hmmm tried resetting the vid card back into the primary PICe slot ... still nothing . This has turned into a nightmare on elm street 27 n half. checking for magnetic filings or maybe i just got magnetic blood....
  13. arghhh this machine is freakin me out now... this board could becaome a frisbee.. I went to the DFI site and managed to grab the latest BIOS NF4LDB14. i created the Diamond flash image of it , using the procedures they give. n tested it on my ye olde faithful socket A still workin PC ... No worries it booted up from the floppy. ( so i know that the diskette is ok ) . Went back to my CHUCKY ( Fiend from hell ) and tried to start the sucker up .. no cigar.. So because i havent been able to get very far i say what the heck , n change the memory sticks . ... ok now i can get into the BIOS ... Changed settings to get to boot from floppy... no worries . saved that reboot machine .. it gets to the floppy and then just reboots again , and again , and again and again ....
  14. K i already burned the TMODS BIOS CD and have it here in my hot little hands . I boot the puter up and i get the menu for the BIOS CD , however the PC is lockin up on it... IE i cant scroll down the menu lists
  15. Also , under genie BIOS for this BIOS version ... Memtest: Hit delete on 1st screen=> Enter Bios=> Genie BIOS (top option right column)=> Enter. Arrow down to last item = > Marvell GIGA Lan Control enabled.
  16. BIOS standard CMOS settings is displaying the memory totals , 640K base , extended memory 1047552K total 1048576K ... Im still lookin for that memtest option .. Ive built a few machines in the past , all be it a bit of time ago ... so i know what im lookin for cant see it in the BIOS here. the board's BIOS is old . remember earlier i had the issue with it not picking up the AMD chip...came back as an unknown hammer? amd .. i wanted to have some stability in the system before i thought of goin ahead and flashin BIOS , which is something ive not done before...
  17. Well , ive managed to progress a bit ... I've only got the one stick of memory in ( one orange slot furthest from CPU ), I reseated the Video card into the 2nd PCIe slot ( go figure) and ive been able to fire up into BIOS ( yeahhh i can see - ahhh the clarity ! ) K now i went lookin into the genie BIOS and i cannot see any option there for MEMtesting . So i went searching high and low through the BIOS options. Anywho , i 've rebooted the machine now , and ive managed to get further , its found the WIN XP disk , and has now come back with "Setup is inspecting your computers hardware configuration" where its been sitting merrily for the last 10 minutes.... Hell it seems so nice to see somethin on my monitor i dont want to turn it off
  18. Slowly going insane here. Ok i have bought my new HDD , ive been following the instructions for a fresh installation. Got it up to thepoint where i connect my hard drive , floppy & DVD burner. Rebooted my machine , and low n behold it tried to install Win XP - great ....next thing i knew an error message came up saying it couldnt read a file .. No way ! its a WinXP disk which has only been used twice .! I put the disk into my laptop here , and tried to read the disk , yup , she came up straight away you want to install XP .... hmmm the plot thickens .. Problem with DVD ? changed the DVD player with my CD burner , trying to isolate problem , this time the machine just kept rebooting , lanparty flash screen , resetting ...wasnt getting very far. So i tried changing the IDE cable ... powered up the puter ,now all i get is one long beep and there is one red light on the motherboard. Screen is totaly black and will not fire up. Tried reseating the vid card , same thing , tried clearing cmos , same thing either I have a dead video card or a bad motherboard. Any suggestions ?
  19. Thanks I'll tell you how it all goes ..... : )
  20. Hi ya's Got delayed and couldnt get up to shop y/day goin after work this arvo .... Quick question from reading through the forums .. I have downloaded TMODS Version 6.5 for BIOS flashing . Im curious as to which BIOS i should flash ( obviously the one for "my MOBO" ) but is the BIOS listed under heading 5 ... DFI NF4 lanparty BIOS's or option B) DFI NF4 Lanparty UT expert ? My boards a LAN PARTY UT SLI-D .
  21. I believe thats the case as well. My old system was still WIN XP SP2. but the processor was a celeron 1.2ghz and was 5 years old. Hell , that machine suited me to a T ! and its still goin strong at stock standard settings. The only reason i upgraded was for the new flight sims comin out which showed i realy did need to move to a MOBO with PCI-E rather then AGP. Even thats a bit of a laff , coz the old board was x4 AGP and i was using a x8AGP Vid card - > a ti4400 . Anyways . I m not in a position at moment to wallop the old drives as that guys would get me into more trouble. I dont think the Missus , would like our wedding photos walloped , along with all her music shes downloaded for her IPOD to go the way of the DODO quiet yet . Cant sleep at moment.. its 5:25 AM local time , and its Sunday , and I got 4.35 hrs left before the puter shop opens ...... : )
  22. Thanks for the info. Ill go n get a SATA drive for my new C:drive. Ill use these two IDE's for extra storage. ALl the best
  23. Hi guys , Ok , I have cleared the CMOS and refired the PC after loading the optimized defaults . I am now getting the PC up to a point where it's displaying a) A listing for the NVDIA graphics card B) The Lan party Splash Screen c) the the BIOS screen and thats where my system is now hanging .... i've got the PCI device listing with the IRQ addresses , The message Verifying DMI pool data ..... Backup CMOS...OK! and now the machine will not budge from there. FYI the Hard drives im using are from my old WINXP machine with windows already installed. Shouldnt it be picking up that i've already got an installed OS ? at this point .
  24. K , I have here a Eagle Gforce 6500 Nvidia . I bought it today to just hurry me up n test out this board .. I inted to purchase a Nvidia 7900GT2 Dual GPU later on , and this is an el cheapo option to carry me through for when i get my tax return and upgrade a bit later on .
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