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  1. I have been using diferent bios 6 months ago on my nf4 lp ultra-d, (how i remember those times, so many problems with cold boots and memory) but the day i started using 704-2BTA no problems so far (well, settings help too), over 6 months with an opteron 148 at 2750mhz etcetc hyper stable, no lookups never and i been doing a lot of things, im afraid of updating the bios now, its so hard and time consuming to test for stability.
  2. found this.. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=40399 its seems it was a problem of punkbuster.
  3. it happends to me too!! im think on switching to marvell lan like icon57 did, but i was thinking.. its lan interface fault (phisical) or stability problem with someting.. are u guys having this problem at stock settings? PD: sometimes at unstable settings, in windows desktop, i see a tooltip saying my nvidia lan disconnected.. and after 1 sec, y conectes again (its not switch fault or cable). investigating the problem.
  4. i read it before , yeah, some similar problem i had. (if i put on ram y orange and ahother in yellow its not dual chanel and i wont post), uhmm, try the two sticks in the yellow slots, put all ram settings on auto, not optimized, auto. just to check if with loose timings it works, if not, try upping CPU voltage .25v (that helped me on my opteron 148) im talking about stock settings, not overcloking. mi ram is some ugly OCZ premier 2-5-3-3-7 2T. back in my abit nf7-s this ram had errors in memtest #5, upping the voltage to 2.8v helped, and it was stable for months, now in this DFI mobo, at 2.6v i dont have errors.. but reboot problems. i did a lot of things, i forgot the details, but now, im running some loose timings. everything default, but Bypass max at 4 and Trc = 11 Trfc= 20 at 2.7v and.. CERO problems. i recently flahsed to 704-2BTA, maybe this bios is good. try that, i has to work, run memtest test 5, five min, and press ESC, if no error in memtest, and the reboot went succefull you are in the right track. damn, this is driving me nuts some times too. just patience and time..
  5. it happens to me too, its not the vid card, its the ram (i was having this problem while testing differente PCIE and PCI cards) the solution was to increase ram voltage. the strange thing about these problems (there are a lot), its that flashing the bios o clearing CMOS helps.. but about a wekk later they come back.. but the thing of the 2 light led is someting im working out the entire month, now they seem are completerly gone, upping the CPU voltage (using the special control) ram 2.8v, and running ram around 200 with the correct timings, try to put auto in most settings.
  6. Same problem, ill tell my story. After overcloking and all that, i began to suffer from that problem Power up when the pc was "cold" (12 hours no use por example) y spent 2 weeks, yes that much figuring out what was. well, always, if i reset the mobo boots fine, but strange things happens some times, some had to do with overclock, MANY with ram, and many more with psu. one day i flashed the bios to a new one, the problems went away 2 days and come back later.. well, i did many many test, with very weird results, but one thing is consistent. the problems went away when the PSU was warm... at least on mine, but not completely away. the fully solution was to increase ram voltage to 2.8v.. and decrease cpu voltage. yes, decrease, i think the cpu voltage has some influence on DRAM clock and vice-versa, at least for the boot problems, i mean, its no entirely the dram or psu fault, its weird, but i noticed after 450 reboots, cpu voltage and dram clock had some relation. other EXTRMELY weird thing was. when i bought the mobo, stock settings in bios, etc. i was unable to pass 290 HTT... after a week, same bios, same settings, exactly same everything. i was able to reach 330 htt (of course lowering the cpu multiplier). strange.. its not something i tested 2 times, many many times, 100 reboots per day. the thing i can think off is mobo power asimilation hah. i wonder whats happening.. well, al least im stable. sorry my ugly english, i don't speak very often. DFI lanparty NF4 Ulta-D Opteron 148 at 250x11 1,408v (bios 1,425v), dram at 196mhz 2,8v Some crap ram OCZ pc3200. Topower 420P4, tagan version. (when is hot it works well)
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