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  1. yea my problem was I didnt have the pci-e connector from my power supply pluged into the gpu. plugged it in and problem went away. thanks guys. should I install the NVIDIA firewall? cause I installed it befor and when I would download stuff from a web page the app said it didnt have all its files and when I downloaded it on my other comp the app worked fine. so I rebooted my system and reinstalled windows, mobo drivers, gpu drivers, and sata raid drivers and when I restarted my system after installing drivers I got a message saying windows couldnt start because it was missing a file "system32driverspci.sys". So Im formatting again and reinstalling windows again.
  2. nice good to here considering I was kinda nervous when i bought my opteron. The problem Im having right now is that I get a power indicator message everytime I start up saying "The NVIDIA System Sentinel is reporting that the NVIDIA-powered graphics card is not receiving suffincient power." the troubleshoot tells me "to remedy the problem, ensure that the NVIDIA graphics card in your system has the supplemental power connector attached. This connection is required and your system may be damaged if it is not in place. please refer to your owner's manual for complete inspection instructions. Also, the power supply in your computer must be able to supply ample power to power all of the attached peripherals in addition to this extra connection." I connected a 4-pin molex connector to the 5v/12v power connector right above my GPU and nothing changed. I dont know if theres another wire I have to connect to my GPU or what(right now my GPU is just connected to the board). My power supply is a antec truepower 550w sli ready. so Im pretty sure thats enough power for my rig especialy since I only have 1 gpu in my system.
  3. Thanks for post really helped. I got everything set up and running. Only problem I ran into was with cpu speed, just cleared cmos and it fixed it. loading windows right now.
  4. well tonight I should be getting some AS5 so Ill be able to start my build. Im going to start by following Angry_Games tutorial and am going to build first outside of case by just putting in cpu/heatsink, 1 stick of ram, and GPU and start it up. Can anyone tell me exactly what I should be looking for? what are good signs and bad signs? thanks
  5. I just want to get my rig up and running right now but no where around me sells AS5 so I can just use the generic stuff for right now just to get it set up then clean and put on the AS5 when I get it in the mail right? I just want to make sure that I dont do any long term harm to my CPU or MoBo
  6. is it ok to put on some generic CPU coolant for right now then get something like artic silver 5 or something later?
  7. yea Im pretty sure my main problem is goin to be the bios (considering Ive never set up bios befor) like I said this is my 1st build from scratch by myself Ive built befor with friends and fixed hardware problems on my comps and stuff but never fully built one and never had one with such extensive bios and stuff as DFI mobos. so any suggestions of threads or other forums to check out to ease me into bios setup or anything else I might need to know would really be apreciated. thanks and Ill keep posting as my build goes on.
  8. nevermind. heh I was confused. I thought my heatsink wasnt fitting into the attachment piece on my mobo. I was looking at this tutorial http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20832 and I thought I might have to do the heatsink attachment replacing thing like they do.
  9. Am I supposed to buy an attachment piece to attach my Opteron 165 to my MoBo? or is one supposed to come with my CPU?
  10. Hey I just got all my parts except for my GPU (which should be arriving today) and Im going to start my build. this is my first build from scratch by myself so I decided to start a thread since I know Im gonna run into a lot of problems and would appreciate any help I can get. today is my day off so I decided I would dedicate today to my build. My build will consist of: LanParty NF4 SLI-DR Expert AMD Opteron 165 G.SKILL Extreme Series 2GB (2 x 1GB) DDR500 Antec TruePower 2.0 550w Western Digital Caviar 250GB eVGA Geforce 7800GT CO 256mb First off Ive been a bit nervous about static. heh I know its kinda paranoid but I just spent a lot of money on my parts and I dont have a anti-static wrist band and was wondering if theres any good way to get rid of static befor I start?
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