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  1. My EVGA 680i A1 board has a high freq emission when Orthos is paging sometimes too. It is a known bug with the boards while they are "highly" overclocked. Go to EVGA's forums and check it out. Seems we'll have to live with it or buy another board. I haven't started playing any games on this yet, still learning the basics, so it may be bad while gaming, my not be. But so far in my o/c adventures the squeal doesn't bother me. I'll change my sig soon.
  2. I'm slow, first time logged to new Street. Thanks for the PM and the hoster. Very nice of you!
  3. I want to thank all of you big dogs. As of March of this year overclocking was a mysterious word. I tried to overclock my Asus nf2 board and a 3000XP but nooo. So when I started researching my next build, I learned about a unknown to me DFI company (I was Asus thru and thru) and this web site. I asked some stupid questions, got some advice and followed it, (pissed me off that I had to buy a new P/S but I believed.) I have never had a problem with the Ultra-D and it's because of all the great advice from DFI-Street. Thanks again to everyone from the original geek. Back to lurking.
  4. I didn't know it an alternative exsited, I'll see if I can find it, thanks KimTjik edit: will it do the 3d stuff?
  5. I started this upgrade about 6 weeks ago. I couldn't get this chip stable to save my life, except at stock or just alittle above. I bitched about it here somewhere. Got upset and put the 146 back in. Tried some more, put the 146 in. So on and so forth. Mem test said my Mushkins were fine but I couldn't run Orthos for more than 7hrs at best, most of the time it quit in a few minutes. I was very frustrated. I found out at the Mushkin site what I was doing wrong and got the timings dailed in and it's been smooth sailing since. So far the 165 won't do 2800 but 2727 is sceaming, faster than 3g with my 146. But I have this XP installation just like I want it, except for Quicktime, which I can't keep from running even though I did a reg edit to stop it from turning on at the boot. I hate Quicktime. But I need it for an app I like. So it won't a piece of cake for me either, but like I said, I'm slow to learn and forget it as soon as I go to sleep.
  6. Cool, now I see the bar in the task manager showing two processors, I'm just a little slow. Thanks guys, Guess I can update the sig now!
  7. I take it that this shows just 1 cpu so I should reinstall? I hate to, but will bite the bullet if this is needed. Once when I tried a too high O/C I lost my USB capabilities but I deleted all the USB stuff in the DM and rebooted and got it back. I assume that I'll get other wierd stuff if I don't reinstall?
  8. I've replaced the 146 with a 165 and got her stable at a resonable O/C. I've not touched the XP installation except to install the new driver and optimizer. XP seems to work fine. Have to set the affinty for only one game so far. My question is, is there any good reason for me to reinstall XP now that I've changed to dual core? I'll update the sig shortly.
  9. A little off topic, Mr King, but I see Thin Lizzy in your sig, the Cowboy Song is my second favorite song.
  10. Here's a new superpi 1m screenshot, edit: If I was supposed to put a cpuz on this, opps. It was done same as my other superpi entry 315 x 10. If it's required, you don't have to post it. I'll try it again if you want.
  11. Stepping - CCBWE 0530 TPMW The list @ XS says this stepping should do 2900. Could be, but I can't get mine to, yet. I don't think it will scale to there. I have it Orthos stable @ 291 x 9 with 1.375vid. I'm priming now @ 293 x 9 with 1.40vid. so far I can't get it to prime @ 294 x 9 1.40vid craps out core 0 and 1.425 craps out core 1. And I just went to MWave where i bought it and found out the price has dropped from 261 when I got it the first week of this month to 159. But their out of stock.. I wonder why my stepping is over a year old. But it primed at 1800 so I can't return it plus i cut the lid off already. So I'm venting. Sorry. I'm thinking about putting the 146 I got in the 3G club back in. The sig needs updating as i have a Thermalright 120 Ultra cooling the cpu now. Temps are not an issue with this o/c, she's running @ 37-38c priming right now. If anyone has experiance with one core wanting more volts than the other will take, let me know if there's some solution. Please.
  12. Ok, my Mushkin black can do 275mhz 1 to 1 with my 146. But with the 180 divider it will only prime to 270 and then I must drop the divider again to 166. So it would seem that the higher the freq the less the controller can handle. If i may, you'll never notice any difference with 20mhz and if it can't run a browser with prime then IMHO it isn't stable. Prime95 to me is only an indication that you may be stable, not the end all of stable.
  13. Picked up a 165 about 2 and a half weeks ago. Got a CCBWE 0530 TPMW. Funny getting a cpu a year old new in a box. My 146 was only 2 months out the factory when I bought it. Anywho, I hated this dual core right off the bat. It was not the 2900mhz avg like XS said it should be. I couldn't get it stable. But it worked @ 1800 so I got what I got. Still had the 146 and I bought this chip with the thought that the cpu I didn't want would go to my kid and the NF2 rig would go in the kitchen for a net rig for guests. So no biggie. I put the 146 back in the rig and couldn't figure out why it wasn't a fast as before. That 146 of mine does 2940 everyday without a lot of heat and once I put a Thermalright Ultra on it, it hit 3G. It ain't gonna get much better. But that hated 165 was faster at 2.4g. So I cut the lid off and stuck her back on the Ultra-D. Been priming for over a week and I am priming it @ 2637 right now on 1.375vid. (293 X 9) Seems as if this chip hates voltage. She died with Orthos last night @ 294 with 1.4 or 1.425 vid, can't remember now. I love the Thermalright Ultra 120. It's big and I had to take off the 250mm side fan to get it in, but it keeps this 165 at 38-39c with Orthos running at the aforemetioned voltage and speed. No one else has this stepping in the db, and I couldn't find one @ XS either. If someone does have this stepping, give a shout out and let me know what you got out of it, DFI-Street stable. And how did it scale?
  14. That was a nice post on the DDR stuff angry, keep the barns and cows coming, dumb little ol' me understood it, whereas white papers just give me brain bleed.
  15. I have a CACJE 0603 146 and it's in the 3G Club as well as desire's CACJE 0603, oh and they are FPMWs. So it would seem that the CACJE is a fine start but I have no idea about the week or the VPBW. Edit: Plus I don't know if any of this is valid with a 148.
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