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  1. I have had the same problem on occasion getting the PS/2 keyboard or mouse to work. It just craps out when windows loads, usually the mouse before the keyboard. At times the mouse wouldnt want to reconnect after restart or anything else. Anyway I just use USB connects and no problems.
  2. Yea that is the reason I said it didnt seem like too much of a problem just a weird glitch for the most part. I started OCing the new CPU a little and no problems at all but good to know where it is coming form. Thanks for the info.
  3. If you really want the best PSU go for PC Power & Cooling. There are some other good ones out there though. OCZ, etc.
  4. 3am

    Windows x64

    First time I tried, 6-8 months ago when it first come out, to use it I had all kinds of problems, naturally, but now to tell you the truth the WOWemulator(32-bit) has grown in leaps and bounds. I cannot find anything wrong with it as of now. My printer, which i havent tried quite yet, probably wont work with it but its like 5-6 years old so I sorta figure that.
  5. I had removed the battery, reset(by removing battery and board jumpers tried both), and reloaded the Bios yesterday to see if I could fix it went back and tried it again after your suggestion but still nothing. Thanks for the help either way. Any other ideas? If I cannot get it fixed think I should worry too much about it? Gonna try and OC the card and CPU at a little later date reason I was asking.
  6. I have been using my DFI for a while now and its a great board. I just have went through some major upgrades. From FX-53 to 4800+, X850XT to 1900XTX, Audigy2 to Xfi sound card. I have heard about problems with the nForce chipsets and the early Xfi soundcards so not sure if it is that or something to do with the change to dual. System has been reformatted and changed to Windows XP x64 after the install or everything. This problem occured right after I updated the BIOS and reloads will not fix it. I had a problem loading the BIOS but I dont really think it was that big of a deal keyboard wouldnt work when I need to reset with F1 had to just use the reset button on the Desktop. Anyway when I boot up I get a inverted colored logo when it shows up. Now all the bios seem fine from what I can tell. Is there any reason I should worry about this or is this just a DFI color logo change it looks really odd. If you need the see the screen shot I can probably find a place to upload it here in a few but its nothing other than the color of it looks like somebody inverted. Its the only thing I see wrong and like I said should I worry about this?
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