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  1. Hey All, Sorry I kind of dropped off for a while there. It's been a busy few days. Things got crazy at work and I had to leave town for a few days. Anyway I'm back and I've had a bit of time to play some more and I think I've got things where I'll probably leave them for a while. I opted to stay at 3Ghz @1.31V. The system is plenty fast for what I need, and more importantly it is rock solid stable and runs cool and quiet. If I have a few lazy days over the summer I might try pushing it a lot harder. By then hopefully it'll be a bit more responsive to voltage increases. Thanks for all the support and advice, I'll keep you posted if I play more over the summer. -Mid
  2. 320FSB, I tried it the NB voltage at normal and +.1v and could tell no difference in stability when priming at both 300FSB and 320FSB. This makes me think it isn't a lack of voltage on the NB at this point. What is a safe amount of voltage to add to the NB? I'll give 1.4V a try when I get home to see what the temps look like, just based on what I've seen so far I'd expect 1.4v to get me up to the 57-59 range. I could also try dropping the multi down to x9 and increasing FSB to 355. I've heard of some boards having "FSB holes" where sometimes higher FSBs actually have better stability. Not sure if there is any truth to that though.
  3. Well, I got my new Xigmatek HDT-S1283 cooler in and put it on last night. Either that thing is amazing, the stock Intel cooler sucks, or probably a combination of both. At 2.9Ghz with the stock Intel cooler I was getting a pretty solid 60C on both cores. After mounting the Xigmatek load temps dropped to 47C, ambients were within 1C. Anyway, with adequet cooling now I went ahead to see how far I could push the chip. I was able to get 3Ghz 2-hour stable but it required an increase in voltage from 1.268v to 1.31v. Load temps rose from 47C to about 50C. I then moved on to 3.2Ghz, but my chip really wasn't wanting to cooperate. I had to push it to 1.35 just to get it to boot into windows, and pushing it to 1.387v failed after about 50mins of small FFTs. Load temps were up to about 55-56C. I ran out of time so I wasn't able to continue testing. Looks like I didn't get the best overclocking chip, core 1 seems to be very weak. So what do you guys think? Am I still well within the realm of safety and should I keep pushing a bit more voltage to try and get 3.2 stable? I know the chip is rated for up to 1.5v, I'm just not used to having to increase voltage this much. At this point I'm tempted to just take the 3Ghz at 1.31v, or even the 2.9Ghz at 1.268v and keep things nice cool and stable. Thanks for all the input so far, and I urge you guys to check out this Xigmatek if you're in the market for a great cooler for a budget price. It does use the Intel pushpin design, which sucks. But it's compatible with the Thermalright backplate from what I've read, plus I think Xigmatek is planning to change to a bolt mounting method. -Mid
  4. Good to know. Everest no longer has a free version do they? I used it a good while back, but checking out there page now I don't see a free version unless it's well hidden.
  5. I haven't installed speedfan yet to check the NB temps. During my testing so far the heatsink isn't even getting warm to the touch, at most the top is barely above ambient. Is it worth popping it off, cleaning things up and replacing the stock paste? Anyone done it to see if there are any complications? From what I can tell it just uses the standard white pushpins.
  6. Yeah I don't it should matter much for the processor either way. Should be a little easier on the RAM and mobo though I think.
  7. Did you buy them within the last couple of months? I think this is a fairly recent change. I'm not sure if they changed manufacturing of the Tracers as well, and I could be completely incorrect so don't take what I say as fact. I just didn't feel it was worth the risk/hassle since there were several other decent choices in the same price range.
  8. Either your ambient is a lot lower than mine, my chip just runs naturally hotter, or I've got some serious lapping to do. Were you running small FFTs? In any case at stock speed I was seeing about 40C-45C load. The instant I overclocked it to 2.4Ghz load temps jumped to 55C or so, and increased about 1C for each additional 100Mhz. I am in Texas and it did get up into the lower 90s (F) here today though I paid a bit more for the 2180 thinking that it'd be a bit easier to overclock than the 2160. Also that it'd help me keep my overall temps down a bit as I should be able to get by with a lower FSB due to the 10x mutliplier. Was this incorrect thinking on my part? Would I have been better off with the 2160? A bit off topic, but at what point do you guys usually decide to void the warranty and lap the cpu? I'm antsy to do it now, as I've got nothing to do really until my HSF comes in. Its about to complete 24 hours of Prime95 small FFTs. I think I'm going to be patient though, get the HSF, see how far it'll go, make sure I'm happy and everything is stable. Then lap away to try and get things as cool as possible.
  9. Thanks for all the replies guys. I ended up going with the GSkills. Mainly to avoid the rebate hassle as much as anything as I've already got several other rebates to deal with. I ruled out the Reapers because I wasn't sure about clearance issues with my HSF. I dismissed the Ballistix because I read several reports that Crucial changed how they manufacture them and that the new ones aren't nearly as good as they used to be even though they're selling them as the same sticks. My second choice was the Mushkin sticks. It was pretty much a coin flip with the GSkills, but the sheer popularity of the GSkills and a touch of Brand Loyalty on my part moved them into #1.
  10. Xigmatek HDT-S1283 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16835233003 I've seen several reviews sing it's praises. Usually comes withing a degree or two of the TRUEs, great performance for a really cheap price. technodanvan: I haven't tried that yet, at 290 I was already sitting at 60C load, the 1-2 mintues Prime would run at 300 was giving me 61C so I didn't really want to push it any further. With the new cooler if it doesn't play nice at stock I'll try that for sure, thanks for the suggestion. What are the upper FSB limits on these Gigabyte DS3 boards usually?
  11. Thanks for all the responses Looks like the consensus is pretty much wait for better cooling, which will hopefully make the final push to hit/break 3Ghz. And yeah the stock Intel cooler is pretty horrible. I'm half tempted to take my Zalman off my gamer, put the stock AMD HSF (the nice heatpipe one) and see how much that helps. I've been tempted to test out that stock AMD heatsink anyway to compare it to the Zalman as I never even used it. That's a lot of work when my Xigmatek will be here Monday and I'd have to put it all back if the stock AMD cooler doesn't outperform the Zalman. Speaking of the Intel HSF being horrible, I'd been reading about how much everyone hates the push pins for the last couple of weeks. Man were you guys not kidding, these things are a serious pain and just about worthless. I've got the Zalman 775 backplate still from my other HSF that I'm not using so I'll probably give it a go with the Xigmatek to see if I can get it working. I've seen an equal number of people in HSF reviews (*cough*Tom's Hardware*cough*) complaining about backplates, but those guys are nuts. If the backplate was stock and universal they'd all have backplates already, and two its worth taking the motherboard out one time regardless of the hassle for the ease of mind as well as ease of future installs. KimberKlr: Thanks for the tip about giving it a few weeks, hopefully mine will loosen up a bit. It didn't seem to respond at all to voltage increases, so I'll see if time and a new HSF helps. Also its funny you noticed the sig, I've been pondering the last 3-4 days which box I want for what purpose while I've waited for parts to come in. I think I've settled on this config though. My DVR box will actually make better use of the extra horsepower, as it's constantly auto cutting commercials and encoding all the TV my wife and I watch. Plus it's going to be on 24/7 so it's significantly lower power consumption should be a little easier on the power bill HITandRUN: Thanks for the tip on the upper voltage range. I had seen that the upper limit on Intel's page was 1.5v. I'll probably try to keep it under 1.4v mainly because I'd rather keep heat down than squeeze a few more Mhz out of it, but I'll see how well the Xigmatek performs to see how far I push it. technodanvan: Ha, yeah my 7800GT should still have the edge, but the 8600GT I got comes stock overclocked out the wazoo, thanks to the zalman cooler. Not to mention it was about $150 cheaper than what I paid for my 7800GT . From the benchmarks I've seen of similarly clocked cards the 8600 is surprisingly close, not to mention it has DX10 support that I don't care about since I don't plan on running Vista anytime soon. I'll probably do a little heads up testing between the two and either keep the best performer in my gamer, or if they're close put the quietest one in the DVR. Edit: Forgot to answer technodanvan's question. The 2180 has a 10x multiplier, so 290 FSB.
  12. Hey All, Working on overclocking my new machine, the second one in my signature. I have a Xigmatek S1283 on the way, but it got separated from the rest of the order and I couldn't wait for it to get here on Monday to start playing with it . This might just be as far as I can push it with the stock aluminum cooler, but I thought I'd try to get it to go as far as it can this weekend. It's ran like a champ so far, haven't long term stressed it but it passed an hour of Prime95 small FFTs all the way up to 2.9Ghz without problem. However, it fails at 3Ghz within 2 minutes on core 1. I've manually set the CPU voltage to 1.268v in the BIOS, which was fine up through 2.9. I tried increments up to 1.3v trying to get 3Ghz stable, but it didn't respond at all. I didn't want to push it further than that without adequate cooling and without knowing exactly what these chips can take. Right now Priming 2.9Ghz is giving me load temps of 60C(ambient 27C), which is higher than I'd feel comfortable with long term but I don't think its hurting anything until my Xigmatek arrives. All RAM timings are set to AUTO, what's in my signature is what CPU-Z is reporting. I've set the Gigabyte Memory Multiplier to 2, which has the memory running at 1:1 so that shouldn't be the problem. All voltages other than CPU are set to Auto. Any ideas for me to try to hit 3Ghz while I wait for the Xigmatek to arrive? Is the heatsink and/or lack of CPU voltage what is holding me back? Would voltage on the northbridge help? RAM settings? Its just weird that it had no problems until I hit 3Ghz then its an immediate fail. I know every chip overclocks differently, so if 2.9Ghz all I'm going to be able to get out of it I'll be perfectly happy. Thanks, -Mid
  13. Thanks for the responses I just opened up the box and it is significantly larger than the DS3L. I'm just going to be going for the 3.0-3.2 range if I can, so I don't think heat will be an issue either after seeing the heatsink.
  14. What do you guys think about the heatsink on the DS3R northbridge? I've seen several reports that the northbridge on the DS3Ls gets uncomfortably hot. Is this a problem with the DS3Rs as well? Mine is on it's way, but it'll be a few days before I get to start playing with it. I notice the heatsink on the DS3R looks significantly larger, so I hope it's enough. If not what are the alternatives? It looks like the mounting holes are spaced much further apart, so slapping an Evercool VC-RE on there doesn't look to be an option. I guess I could dig out an old cpu heatsink and steal the small fan off of it and bolt it on top of the existing heatsink. Man I'm getting excited, putting together new systems is almost as much fun as playing on them afterwards
  15. The same model Gskills I'm looking at? Those are pretty nice looking. Ha, I love that when building computers the next level of performance is always just outside your budget, and its easy for me to talk myself into "Well for just $20-30 more" That adds up over several components I'll definitely look into those a bit more, and see if I can justify the higher price. It's very tempting, but I'm thinking probably not. I'm shooting for a decent overclock on a budget chip so my goals are a bit different. -Mid
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