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  1. I tell you those are strong boards. I only did some minor overclocking for some benches and I NEVER had any hiccups, blue screens or any type of blip from my board. You never hear much about them anymore and you never really saw many issues with them, they are that good. I have searched high and low to see if any have been for sale but not for a number of months have I seen any. I have this system / below sitting in a corner.... damn waste, such a great computer
  2. WOW, I think we located close to 50% of the Venus's. Not to bad. I still have mine but I am about ready to sell it. It is currently in a box I am no longer using.
  3. I have had an Ultra 600 WATT power supply and not had a single problem. It has been a great power supply for me. It is just like any manufacturer out there sometimes you can get a bad batch. I have seen even the top rated equipment go south. My Venus has been running strong and also not had a single problem with it. Done some minor over clocking but plan to push it even further.
  4. Wow, still a few adding to the Venus board. Mine is still running strong with absolutly NO issues at all. I have not once had a single problem with this motherboard.
  5. Dont use Speedfan, it has issues with the Venus. Welcome to the Venus Club. Make sure you post your location on the Venus tracker. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...highlight=venus
  6. I am close to getting into some overclocking of my board. I have been waiting to get my video card situation under control first. Now that I have a fixed 7900GTX I am ready to push my Venus and 4800 X2 to the limits. Do you think the PSU I have is going to hurt my chances of a mass overclock? do you see any other issues that might come up? Right now I am running stock cooling, so that will be an area that I will upgrade. Thanks for your help. I have been following this thread because I need all the help I can get..:-)
  7. FlexiJack? is that the digital out on the PCI card itself?
  8. Use the drivers that came with the X-FI. I also went to the Creative website to load newer drivers but got no sound at all. I did a system restore point BEFORE I loaded the drivers and just did a system restore to the point before the install. It seems the latest drivers on Creative's site have issues, dont know if it is Mobo or just driver conflicts.
  9. Damn, that sucks!! I do hope he still listed his Venus on the map. Now there is one less out there.
  10. MMM I might have to look into getting one of those. I have a huge case so it would fit. Praz, what are you using for cooling?
  11. I know thats a decent PSU but I would try a different one just to see. PS can be one of the main things an Expert wont like.
  12. Very nice clocks,,,, all on air? I have yet to really push my unit. What is that cooler?
  13. Welcome to the "Venus" club. and like what was stated above go to the thread on his post and log in your Venus on the map. So far we are finding quite a few, but there are many more out there to get!!!
  14. I dont think thats a motherboard issue. I would think it might be a firmware issue with the DVD burner itself. Check the website for an updated Firmware.
  15. Hello, it would be a great help if you could get the people of Hungary that have Venus boards to post their location on our map. We are trying to locate as many as we can. Floppy Cables, yes, most of them were bad from the factory. I am getting a replacement cable direct from DFI, should be here today.
  16. Well mine is close....LOL Have not seen board 666 yet. Might be deep in the mainland China, who knows. Lets find some more Venus boards out there, I know that we can get more people on board.
  17. How do I get rid of the NV Firewall? I think it might be the cause of in internet connection via nforce. Marvell works but I wanted to use the Nforce.
  18. I am running OCZ PC4000 and so far no problems. Waiting to get my graphics card issues resolved before I start overclocking.
  19. Does the HEatsink still hold tight on the CPU? if so you are fine. There are 3 pieces of plastic that hold the HSF on so one breaking is not an issue.
  20. Well it should tell you what device is hanging up. Maybe drop the CD rom in and go to those highlighted items and hit update driver. If i could read Chinese we would be alot more helpful...LOL :-)
  21. Damn, at least a few people got working Floppy cables with theri Venus. I was not one of the lucky ones...:-)
  22. Come on Venus owners, I know there are more of you out there... represent people!! Venus unite!!!
  23. I have a X-FI Platnium and so far great crisp sound with my Venus board. One problem I did have was I went to the update page for Creative and they had a set of updated drivers. I did the smart thing and created a restore point before updating. After the updates, no sound, at all. So they do have driver issues. I had the same type of issues with the Audigy 2 Platnuim I had. SOmetimes the drivers were great, other times I would lose everything. Once I have the cards up and running they sound great and I wouldnt trade them for on board sound for a second.
  24. I am running Samsung UCCC and have yet to push it. I am trying to sort out my graphics card situation first before OCing the ram or CPU. I have not had any booting issues and so far running very smooth. I did run memtest for 24 hours and a 32M Super Pi and had no issues but just at stock settings.
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