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  1. ok so here I am again with all my problems fixed, this is what i did: i bought a MSI neo4 Platinum mobo!, working great since first power up!, no more cold boot issues, hot chipset or BSOD, yay!!
  2. yah i cleared my CMOS for like 4 hours and nothing, ill have to do some more testing before giving up and getting another board
  3. yes i have and i got no errors and it works perfect on my bro's PC
  4. Well maybe not overheating but just getting hot!, It was getting around 52° then it would just freeze, but after that what i used to do to keep it cool was keep my case open and used my room fan as a cooler :shake: in the meanwhile and temps were down to like 42-47 at full load and even tho it would crash sometimes. Psshh 75° i bet no one can get the chipset to more than 55° before the PC will just crash.. and i dont think the PSU is the problem because everything was doing "fine" the only problem was the chipset getting hot. I think the chipset getting hot is the problem because i was using Nvmonitor(yeah yeah I know its not precise at all) and everytime i heard the beeping i knew chipset was hot already and after about 3-4 mins the pc would just freeze..
  5. Man.... ever since i got this mobo its been a nightmare.... first cold booting issues, i flashed the BIOS and then it "worked".. then the damn chipset will start overheating and freezing my PC, now while im waiting for a replacement fan i was playing last night my PC crashed (because of the chipset overheating) and now all i get are the 4 LEDS i've tried everything i saw on the forums.... and nothing.
  6. I found this sites http://www.hardwarecooling.com/product_inf...TTC-CUV2AB?s=2f. http://store.yahoo.com/nexfan03/ticovgacoki.html
  7. Which other fan might work other than that one because im having lots of probs ordering from Jabtech, and that seems like the only place that sell it.
  8. I have to agree with you, this mobo has only cause me BIG TROUBLES
  9. hi again.. i need some help on changing the volts, they show up in red on NV monitor can anyone guide me where in the bios i can lower them?? current are: CPU: 1.450v (red) Core: 1.53v (red) Mem: 2.61v (orange)
  10. man... check ur chipset temp it might be overheating... thats what keeps happening to me i'm waiting for my evercool fan hope to get it soon...
  11. Why is the link width x2? shouldn't it be x16 or am I wrong?
  12. Psshhh i have the same prob with the damn chipset overheating even after applying AS5
  13. Hello Im wondering why my voltages are in red and one orange :confused: CPU : 1.450 V (red) Core: 1.53 V (red) Mem : 2.61 V (orange) is this normal? can anyone point me to a solution, if i need one, thx in advance
  14. Voltages look the same as in the last pic on the BIOS
  15. i mean the voltages look at them is that normal? how they change according to the BIOS, does that have to do with the Chipset overheating?
  16. well... i dont know about voltages and those kind of stuff but look at this, this might be causing some trouble? with 3/16/2005 bios voltages looks like this by default and with 11/14/2005 Bios (im using this currently) voltages looks like this by default what should i change? i this wrong? could this be the problem?
  17. ok everything is connected, i was having the cold boot problem still i just updated my BIOS i'll se how it works. But what still is giving me problems is the chipset overheating, i guess the only fix is to install a fan somewhere in the case?
  18. Well hello this is my first post.. i got this mobo about 5-7 days ago everything was working good.. well not really first the NF4 chipset was gettting pretty hot around 51° idle and the system would hang, so what i was doing on the meanwhile was have my case open and put my fan next to my case and temps would be around 36-39° so i was like ok, i can use my pc a few days like this. but now my prob is something like someone else posted. i couldnt get my bios date because i cant boot anymore sorry for the english
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