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  1. might wanna read the overclocking guide my friend...with valueram and unstable memory settings it'll be tough
  2. hey thx flucky,mine boots fine bro,but only AFTER i hit the power switch on the power supply off for about 2 minutes,i've decided to live with it until i can't wait any longer to upgrade...*prays for something godlike to come from amd*
  3. I hate how most computer companies have forced windows vista on it's most basic users...vista has alot of potential which im sure in about 2 years will be unleashed,but for now,games run like CRAP,no GOOD driver support in sight...750 megs of ram on BOOTUP? come on now,thats just ridiculous...i hate microsoft
  4. that test is fine,is you want to test it well download prime 95 or stress prime and run it for 10 hours or so...but generally if your temps look good and your games aren't crashing you should be okay
  5. so you have two 6800 gs video cards? to run multiple monitors is non SLI
  6. check the voltage on the processor,make sure its running stock volts,im sure the fx55 requires more juice form the start...make sure u dont have any overclocking settings on in the bios for the fx55
  7. if you're not overclocking there's really no reason to play with the memory settings honestly,if its stable like it is be happy...if you wanna do some research here is a memory thread with a lot of info http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=73135
  8. stop trying so many diffrent bios...sounds like a memory problem to me if you've set the timings manually and made sure the voltage is correct...any of your buddies have some ram u can try?
  9. actually i meant upgrading to core 2 duo,thx for your input though
  10. hey flucky i've had my board about a year...it's been an issue for about 8 months i've just been too lazy to fix it,now im attempting to because im getting tired of bending over the reset my power supply...also after searching through endless pages of "cold boot" issue,basiclly there is no fix for it.. i saw guy say "i fixed the issue,turn off your power supply when u turn off computer" so yea...i think im gonna trash this board and get a little upgrade :/
  11. no hills around here...searching for cold boot now thx for the tip,didn't know what the issue would be called
  12. nope...wont even try to power on,its really wierd *p.s.* thx for moving my thread,i read the stickie after it got moved lol
  13. hey no problem,i appreciate you trying to help though any other input guys?
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