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  1. Are we all still here then.... new forum, new tag, same group... DuTcH? Plan A... whats it to be?
  2. OK I'm after a new case and some suggestions pls. I want something that is COLOUR-BLIND Its got 2b black, dark grey or worst case silver…. No plastic chrome, green laminates or shiny blue plastic gamer jobs… If it has any external leds on the outside then a gentle blue / red glow is ok… I dont mind if it has a window but no multiple alien spaceship porthole thinges FAT BOY Steel is ok for me, super space age aluminium alloy would be ok, but not required. I'm not into lugging her around just yet (too poor as CS:Source to get whipped in public), But, no monster if I can avoid it. So Mid size is prob my target.. WHISPER fans… 120mm only pls and as many as I can get…….. [email protected] is ok with the Big Typhoon but my mosfets need the oxygen.. no bespoke fixings. I want to use rubber arrows. I have a fan controller already so can configure as required, water-cooling for me is still 12months away (next Christmas and another note!) but will be installed into / around / on top off this box WHAT HAND? If the front door opens RIGHT HANDED that be perfect…I need a removable board tray… and dont mind using a screwdriver if I have to BALTIC Back to temps... If it has chambers or ducts that would be cool (geddit!) as well, im sure i need side vents as I run my Nf4 and 7800Gt on passive coolers... a blow hole seems to be de riguer so why not Ill have one of them too :shake: PLUGMEIN I need USB / FIREWIRE / and a headphone jack on the front…. pluging in the ipod, headset and V3 round the back are a pain I've looked at the Lian Li, NZXT and Coolermaster sites… read some reviews and looked at some prices… the Lian Li is expensive and I'm not sure if worth it for the mid size cases… the NZXT looks a popular middle ground and the Coolermaster Stacker 830 thing looks perfect but again too expensive… any hands on real world recommendations would be much appreciated… Tar LP
  3. are there any running costs for the server DuTcH? Im assuming all the hardware is in place? I know its christmas and such but how long b4 we can start `trials` chrs 4 all the hard work. im getting my butt kicked in GT legends at present but will refocus on Bf2 in the new year (just got my `Sarge` promotion ) LP
  4. If the ID of the Tube with fins on it is the same ID on his tubing then yes no restriction, but we're still left with the `in series efficiency multiplication` problem or lack of it. In reality the heat blocks would get to 60C? and his ambient will be maybe 20C? If his normal set up cost 100$ and is 80% efficient, it will get temps down to approx 30C (80% of 60-20). If we add the finned tube for 35$ and it is 40% efficient (if it was 80% we'd only use the tube) we would only gain maybe an optomistic 40% (of 30-20C) or 4C drop to 26C... worth it? From a design point of view you spend 30% of your budget on a 8% drop, maybe introduce restriction but give two more opportunites for leakage…. A motorbike engine such as those in trials bikes generate 100C plus under intensive internal pressure `Pressure = Vol x Temp` triangle and with the very low speed of a trails bike, >1mph, and high work rate this would be a questionable benefit and only for high ambient situations, for PC cooling work I'd still go back to my original suggestion.. however if you buy one I`d be keen to see the results
  5. I work in the auto industry but not directly in cooling systems, my m8 however is an auto cooling engineer and when we were working on a race car project he taught me that you should have only one rad/intercooler per system. A simple and approx way to look at it for non thermal dynamic specialists like ourselves is as so A heat exchanger of any type has performance best thought of as a % efficiency. For example if your input is 100degrees C and the heat exchanger has an efficiency of 50% your temp will reduce by a max of 50 degrees… or half the input an identical heat exchanger in series will again only reduce this new input by 50%, or less than 25degress A third in series will only take another 50% of the input away or less than 12.5degress (this is ignoring ambient/room temp as affecting this) Yet each heat exchanger still restricts fluid flow by the same amount .... the pump has to work three times as hard… for a MAX 35% increase in efficency Basically get the best single rad / high thermal efficiency / low flow resistance system you can...
  6. My 7800GT is the reference model, stock @ 400/1000 and I`ve had no problems with it at all... sure it not your RAM or a driver clash?
  7. Haven`t got DOD yet im afraid On 2nite from about 21:00GMT till 00:00GMT prob CS:S and BF2 LP
  8. Im currently using the Pinnacle 30 day trial to support the Playstation 2 controller with USB adapter I have. Its gonna cost me $19.99 (15quid) when the 30 days are over. So far it works very well , on GTL at least, I haven't tried Bf2 yet... has anyone else used it? is it any good long term? Does anyone else know of a solid freeware alternative? I believe you can plug and play with the xbox360 controller; anybody have experience of that? Ta Lp
  9. got two old skool 17" Dell CRTs - waiting for santa to come with some TFT19"s Cant live without the 2nd screen now. main screen to game / surf or test, 2nd screen for temps, xfire, itunes, perf monitor, IRC.. or have a movie playing when im working. Nvidia Dualview driver works well with gaming as long as you set your games video setting to the same RES as you have in Dual view. 2 screens it where its at, if you can. LP
  10. Eclipse.net 8mbps up 0.5 down 30Meg cap BT tester got 10.5 on his tester when setting up the line. have seen 7.5 but usual cap/contention gives me 4.0 on a normal day. Lp
  11. Sorry about the corrupt poll... will fix soon as In regards to my GTL problems all sorted. I relented today... uninstalled, fresh install, new user name and password and in clean and green. Just lost all my progress (which wasn't that far tbh) anyway, need a couple of weeks to get back in the rankings and be up for some online racing. COD2 multiplayer is pretty good, didnt get on with FEAR MP tbh or the Quake4 MP personally. When you got CS:S and BF2 as competition.... LP
  12. Can anybody tell how much I know about MMOGs... :confused: ok that's them out... sorry about this should have researched the games i don't play a bit better:mad: .... no intention to break any EULA at all .....will research 20 games and their server requirements and sort soon as... LP
  13. Steam is no issue really. Weekly updates to whatever games you have.. A few adverts and the front page has turned into a shopfront... but no big thing. Just ensure it doesn't load on start-up unless you play regular and are happy for it to update (every Friday i think) on its own. Lp
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