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  1. Hey EFiNi7 thanks for the reply. I have a CCB1E 0550VPMW. I have been trying to overclock it for quite some time now. I did the CMOS clear and it seemed to help. Now I can get 243X10 but it will not boot into Windows at 245X10. The best I have been able to get is the 245X10 in the past but not now. Most of my settings are on auto though. The only things I don't have on auto are the FSB(which is set to 243) and the Frequency ratio, which is set to 10.0. Any suggestions. I have not altered the DRAM settings at all. Plus it seems that changing the CPU Vid startup, Vid control and Special control values do absolutely nothing for me. I changed the RAM chips to the orange slots since clearing the CMOS so maybe that will help. Does anyone have a suggestion. I have a thread that I started a few weeks ago----Need Opty 170 Oc Help and I still need help!!!!!
  2. Hey sorry I had not gotten to the second page of this forum before I posted.....I now see what it takes to clear the CMOS. 1 thing am I leaving the system plugged into the power supply during the "waiting" hour (I would think not) but I am just checking . Or is the system just sitting there all by itself not attached to anything with the jumper setting on "clear"??
  3. So EFiNi7 are you saying thats all you do is unplug the system and remove the battery. Or do you change the jumper settings also?? I am new to this so try and bear with me. I also have a post that talks about how I am having a hard time OC'ing my system. I currently can only get my system to 241X10 so maybe this will help me get past this barrier. For a while I could get it to run stable at 245X10 but when I tried to go past the 245 I could not boot into Windows. So then I could not get back to 245 (which I had saved the setting in CMOS reloaded) and I could only get to 241(which I am currently running now) but I want to acheive somewhere close to at least 250X10. So I am willing to try anything at this point and if this helps that would be great. I have tried to change the multiplier from 10 to 9 with a higher FSB but then all I get when I try to boot into Windows is that one of my boot files is missing and I can't go anywhere. If there is a guide to clearing the CMOS I would be grateful if someone would point it out to me.
  4. Hey WoWchamp it sounds like your RAM is the issue. I have a thread titled "Need Opty 170 Oc Help" and I was(and still sort of) having issues getting to higher OC'ing numbers also. Somewhere in here is a guide where RGone(I beleive) tests different types of RAM and has pictures to show you exactly which ones are best. If anyone here knows where to find the RAM guide please let WoWchamp know. Check out my thread and see if any of the advice I was given can help you.
  5. Hey thanks for all of the help. I have tried changing the both VID's and it has not helped. Whenever I try to manually change something I cannot boot into Windows. The best that I have gotten that will allow me to boot into Windows is 245X10. That is with about everything set to auto in the BIOS. I have not tried to change the RAM timing manually as of yet but with all of its settings on AUTO I can get to Windows. When I did change the DRAM setting to 9/10 or 1/10 the best I could get was 231X10. When the DRAM setting was 9/10 it changed my ram timings to 2.5-3-3-7 but again I could not go past the 231X10. Here are a few pics as to where I am now. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. I can only get to 243 X 10 now and would like to get to at least 2.6 if at all possible( using air cooling) and any higher would be great. I have not flashed my bios to a newer one but I don't know if that would help. I have done a CMOS clear ( by following the directions of another DFI-Street link) and it did help as I was able to get to 244x10. The problem there is as soon as I try to go higher than that by changing anything in the BIOS settings it will not let me get to the 244. So now the best I can get is 242X10.
  6. Well the VCore temp came down to 38 during the middle of the test (which is the normal temp anyway) so that was a relief. Now I am trying to change the voltages and get it to boot at higher FSB setting but it is not working. So far changing the voltages from auto has not helped at all. I have tried 1.4-1.5 volts and it will not boot with any of those. The max voltage I can change it to is 1.55 so that would be my limit anyway. At least now I can get to 245X10 so that is an improvement.
  7. Well I may have just had a breakthrough!! I changed the DRAM setting to auto(from the 1(02)) and now I am experimenting with 245 X 10. It finally booted up past the 231 X 10!!! So now the RAM is running at the factory setting of 3-3-3-8. I am currently running SP2004 (1 instance on each core) to see how long it will stay stable. Is there a specified amount of time it should run before I should say the system is stable at that speed??? It has only been running about 15 mins. Also what temp should I be around during the test??? Currently I am about 45-50. My voltage is only at 1.328 (According to CPU Z) Also thanks for all of your help Voltes!!!!
  8. Hey I have tried to follow the guide as closely as possible but I cannot get any higher than 231X10 on the CPU by itself. I have tried to up the voltage in the CPU VID control and special control. I have tried using both VID's on auto. I have lowered the DRAM to 100 (1/02) and the LDT/FSB to 3.0 or 4.0. NOTHING!!! All I get is that the system won't boot into windows. It just gets me to the screen that says: Boot into safe mode or press DEL to enter the bios" Anything I have tried above the 231X10 gets me nowhere. HELP HELP HELP!!!!! I have not adjusted anything else in the DRAM config screen but the DRAM Mhz. Am I supposed to change settings in there from the auto settings that already appear at this time or what?????
  9. Yeah!!!! You have painted a great picture and made it clear as crystal. The 305 FSB is used to multiply both the RAM and the CPU. The 305 X 3 (LDT/FSB) = 915 @DDR HTT of 1830 and the same 305 FSB is to multiply the CPU/FSB to get the CPU frequency(2745). OK now what I am left with is the DRAM. Does it effect the stability of the system if it is changed or what. I am not left with a lot of things that are restricting my OC'ing ability unless it is my low voltage settings. This is how the Definitive guide should explain it. It does not say that the FSB # is used to determine both the CPU and the RAM frequency.
  10. Hey thanks Voltes!!! Thanks again for the speedy reply. One thing though is what is the LDT/FSB Frequency Ratio (Ram Ratio) to 100(Mhz)(1/02). Is this the DRAM setting or what exactly is this. I am still not clear on this. Also I replaced the previous power supply with this one as my old 420 watt supply would not even boot up my machine without it being unplugged and plugged back in for about 2 mins. This supply has dual 12V rails and has fixed the non-booting problem but replacing it is not out of the question. Also to address your previous quote: "Now as you can see, going over that 250 and using ldt x4 would be over that 2000, then you can use ldt x3 to make it just below 2000." I understand how the math works on this one but what I don't get is what exactly is the CPU/FSB multiplier do then??? My system will allow it to only go to X10 which is fine but my FSB setting will only go as low as 200 and go up to 450(or something like that) so now what do I do?? Again any and all assistance is welcome and appreciated!!
  11. I am having big problems with oveclocking my system. I can only get it to run stable at 2.3(231x10). I have used the Definitive guide and have a couple of questions about it. 1. When it says to find the max of your CPU by testing it first and then changing the LDT/FSB Frequency Ratio (Ram Ratio) to 100(Mhz)(1/02). Is this talking about the DRAM setting??? 2. What does changing the LDT/FSB to 2.5 or 3.0 actually doing??. this is what I have so far: FSB 231 LDT/FSB 3 CPU/FSB 10(Default) PCIE 100(Default) CPU VID Start 1.35(default) CPU VID Control Auto CPU VID Special Auto I have tried changing the DRAM to 9/10 which gets me to 2.5.-3-3-7 instead of the 3-3-3-8 which came as the factory setting. But as far as I can tell that does not make any real differecnce in stability. (this I could be wrong about). I have tried using a FSB multiplier of 9 and a 9.5( which is not reccomended) but nothing seems to help. Anything that I have tried higher than the 231x10 gets me to a state where my system will not boot at all and I get to the "boot into safe mode" or change bios setting screen. :confused: Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Hey Boosted I am having the same kind of problem. How do you guys get the speed so high??? I am stable at 2.3 but cannot get it stable any higher(231x10). I have gone to " The Definitive DFI A64 Overclockers Guide" but it suggests to test each part at a time(the CPU and the RAM,which is a good idea) but the problem there is---I cannot turn down the LDT/FSB Frequency Ratio (Ram Ratio) to 100 like it says. The lowest mine starts out at is 200 and I cannot get it to go any lower. So now what do I do. Is there some trick that I am missing??? All the rest of the guide makes sense to me but now I'm stuck. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated J Dev
  13. J Dev

    Possible PSU Problem

    Thanks for the help HITANDRUN. I figured it was the PSU but I thought I would post a thread and get as much help as possible. This is a PS that I thought may work http://cgi.ebay.com/ATX-P1-P2-P3-P4-AMD-Si...1QQcmdZViewItem I know this one is not 28A at +12 but it is very inexpensive. let me know what you think. Also I have'nt done much with the system as of yet. I plan on overclocking to about 2.4 or 2.5 and thats about it. I will be doing the usual things with it like burning CD/DVD's and a little gaming but nothing too extreme.
  14. I have recently built my Dream System( about 3 days ago). Everything works fine except for when I power the system down. After shutting down (thru Windows) the system will not power back on unless I unplug it. I have to unplug it, wait for about 5-10 seconds, plug it back in and it will power up. I have tried unplugging everything, flipping the switch on the back of the power supply and pressing the reset button. All I get is the green LED on the front of the case which means that there is power to the system but nothing else turns on/boots up . If the system goes into standby for a while I just have to press the power button and the system starts up again(like it should) but if I shut it down---nothing!!! I (of course) suspect it is the power supply but before I go out and buy one I just would like some help. I am running Windows XP Pro SP2, and It passes S&M's tests. If there is some way for me to test the power thru software that would be great. Also here are the readings printed on the outside of the PSU +3.3 17A +5 25A +12 14A. Also what voltages do the 4 pin molex connectors use. Do they use 12 v or +5??? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated
  15. For the money I like (and currently use Panda's AV 2005 Titanium Edition. It scans automatically at boot up, after Windows loads--this may slow your system down for about 2-4 mins) and automatically updates daily, like Norton. The difference here is that it eliminates both Spyware and Viruses. I have not used Norton for about 2 years so I am not sure that it eliminates both Viruses and Spyware now becuase the Norton I used 2 years ago did not. Anyway you can go and check out Panda and even use their free AV scan at the following URL http://www.pandasoftware.com/products/ActiveScan.htm It will also ask you to allow/disallow connections to your system... for example---if you have just gone to Windows update and modified a program it will ask if the program has been modified, because it is trying to access the internet. This is just one of the great tools that it has.
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