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  1. If only out of those three, which one would be the best choice?
  2. Zalman FC-ZV9 vs Zalman VF900-Cu vs Thermalright V1-Ultra Any opinion?
  3. Looking for a Hard Drive for the Ubuntu Linux system with DFI. Any sugguestion?
  4. Anyone has suggestions on aftermarket cooler for 7900 GT?
  5. Anyone know if the Panasonic SW-9585-C DVD writer is good? How does it perform compare to LG and Samsung? Any sugguestions?
  6. I asked on the Ubuntu forum. People said that if the harddrives are detected but they are not in raid the RAID is consider a software raid (aka fakeraid). Isn't the NV raid a hardware raid?
  7. Hi, I am new in using Ubuntu. I currently using a RAID 0 setup on a SLI-DR with windows XP and BootMagic setup. When I install the Ubuntu, it did not detect my RAID and the partitions in Windows. I wonder where I can load my RAID driver disk during setup? Any other thoughts? Where can I download the RAID driver for Linux? I can't find it on the offical NV site.
  8. Can someone sugguest a free Linux distribution for DFI? Which Linux is good?
  9. Tony, Does the new beta has the vcore bug that the 704 used to have? I saw that the new beta bios can choose over 113% for special VID.
  10. Anyone know the specs for the new OCZ GameXtreme PSUs? http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showthread.php?t=19362
  11. oandrew

    Amd Rma

    Where can I do an RMA with AMD in Canada? What do I need in order to do an RMA? I have a dead A64 3000+ needed to RMA.
  12. I read from the 704-2BTA sticky that the bios elimiated the vcore bug. There are no special VIDs for anything above 113%. I wonder if the offical bios also has the bug? What is the bug exactly?
  13. In my SLI-DR, there are only level 1-3 to select for the DRAM Data Drvie Strength. However, from the OC guide on the street, there are level 1-4. Should there be 1-3 or 1-4? Is that a change in a more recent bios?
  14. I am using the OCZ 520W PSU. Yes, I can change the setting normally after reset. Everything seem to be normal when it was at stock. Any idea?
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