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  1. A word of advice I would research and read as much as you can find on the subject of increasing voltage especially to your CPU I learned the costly hard way you can damage system componets ect. I would be careful about jumping right in and making voltage adjustments from information obtained from one site and from just a couple of post reply's..Not to say the post's would be wrong, it would seem to me it would be to your benifit to obtain as much info as you can from a few diffirent sources before moving in this direction and there is a ton of info out there. Not trying to tell you what to do just trying to possibly save you a little Frustration and alot of cash. You should always increase voltage in small increments until you achieve desired stability or correct system or mem errors.. Im not a expert in this area so I would verify this but after my bad expirence I started over with sucess increasing my voltage to my ram in increments of like 100th of a volt or .01 raising my volts from 2.6 to 2.8 or a total voltage gain of .2 volts..Which did help the stability of my system... I entered BIOS, made adjustments and rebooted at least 15 times to achieve the 2 tenth voltage increase. Maybe I was overkilling careful by making such small increment increases but I can't afford another $300 processor right now. Anyway thats my 2 cents hope it helps.. Oh and yes if you make a adjustment in BIOS that causes some type of system instability like consecutive beeps not booting ect yes by clearing the CMOS this would typically set your BIOS config back to default and with any luck bring stability back to your system..... Good Luck PS. increased voltage = increased heat generation= a need for more aggressive cooling methods
  2. Are you refering to the Beta overclocking utility aquried from the DFI website? If so I have used this utility in the past, Im 99% sure it was called Boostek.. If I recall correctly I would increase my FSB by hitting the button located on the front of the skin of the utility it was labled ethier CPU or FSB..I believe it would allow you to also adjust your PCI Freq... I never really cared for it to much personaly I would notice a silght drop in my 3D Mark Scores when OC ing with this utility rather than making the adjustments via BIOS even though the FSB would be set at the same freq...I was also always afraid I would forget to set my FSB in BIOS to default before using Boostek I dont know for sure that it could be detremental to the integrity of the system, But in no way could I see using two diffrent methods of adjusting the FSB at the same time being adventageous. I geuss I just find a little comfort in hearing that sweet short beep prior to POST that usually indicates to me a successful BIOS config and overclock....Peace hope this helps
  3. HERE IT BE LEGIT FEEDBACK currently have and utilizing Ultra Xfinty DR Flex Force 500 Watt PSU Supports AMD and INTEL MOB's Low Acoustic Noise Meets ATX 12v Version 2.2, 1.3, 2.03 specs Short Circuit Protection In-Rush Current Protection Thermal Overload Cutoff Protection MTBF>100,000 Hours @ Full Load, 110vac and 25 C Ambient Condition FCC and UL Recognized The PSU is approx 4 months old.. I have not to date experienced any problems electrically or Voltage wise..I did, 3 days ago have to replace the 120mm fan that is mounted inside at the lower half of the unit, the fan started tipping the units fan gaurd making a crazy sick noise I shut down and on closer inspection I found one of fan blades severly cracked close to the center portion of the fan. I simply removed the cover "YES" breaking the warranty tag removed the fan and housing and replaced it with a standard 120mm fan I had laying around..So far no more problems I paid 59.00 new for the PSU so I cant complain really so much about the fan beside the damage could have occured while in transit who knows!!!seems to me to be a decent PSU for the money
  4. Re-enterating...If the system becomes locked Power down the system leave it off for a minute or so...Then while you are powering the system back on depress and hold the insert key the should unlock the system KEY WORD BEING "SHOULD"
  5. SEE IF ANY OF THIS INFO HELPS Wake-On-USB Keyboard/Mouse The Wake-On-USB Keyboard/Mouse function allows you to use a USB keyboard to wake up a system from the S3 (STR - Suspend To RAM) state. To use this function: • Jumper Setting: JP2 and/or JP3 must be set to “2-3 On: 5VSB”. Refer to “USB Power Select” in this chapter for more information. • BIOS Setting: “USB KB Wake-Up From S3” in the Power Management Setup submenu of the BIOS must be set to Enabled. Refer to chapter 3 for more information. Important: • If you are using the Wake-On-USB Keyboard/Mouse function for 2 USB ports, the 5VSB power source of your power supply must support ≥1.5A. • If you are using the Wake-On-USB Keyboard/Mouse function for 3 or more USB ports, the 5VSB power source of your power supply must support ≥2A.
  6. Under this circumstance, the system might be locked. Power off the system, please press "Insert" key upon re-powering on the system . Please be reminded to run "LOAD Optimized Defaults" to resume to the normal operation. If you press sequence number of preset "CMOS Reloaded" upon powering on the system, the system will run the preset BIOS setting. It does not require running "Load Optimized Defaults" under this circumstance. When and if the system does boot and windows is loaded and the systems shut down after a moment then I would double check processor heat sink and other sinks make sure thermal paste is applied correctly, heat sink is installed correctly, elevated cpu temp and such could be shutting system down. Note in the past I have had similar problems I did have to return this board on two seprate occasions when building a couple of other systems for friends the mob's were brand new purchased from Fry's electronics who by the way has sense discontinued all DFI boards due to lack of sales...Seemed strange to me,,, I am a big DFI Fan Good Luck
  7. New To Forum, Currently Utilizing Dfi Mob W/ Intel 925x Chipset...i Found This Board A Little Disapointing Currently Stable At 3.9 W/ My P4 550j 3.4 Cpu.... High Temp Seen Under Load 48 C..seems Like I Could Do More Any Suggestions For This Board Would Be Greatly App... Thanks!
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