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  1. haha, answers my question perfectly! ive been messing with things for so long, i havent had a working computer in over a month! Thanks for the input.
  2. Thanks for the link wevsspot. yeah, they are pretty annoying when they are weeking. idle they are fine. Out of personal preference, with the set up i have now (36GB Raptor for OS/250GB for storage), would you RAID 0 the drive?
  3. I have a totally random question regarding signs that your HDD might be dying. I have a 250GB WD which purs like a kitten, however I just purchased a 36GB Raptor that is extremely loud when loading applications or in "thinking mode" (if that makes any sense). I'm sure you all know what sound I am talking about (the crackling type sound). Does anyone know what signs to look for to identify your HDD might be on the frits? Is this sound something worth identifying or being cautious about?
  4. haha, yeah. mine is running 2890Mhz with ease. I could probably squeeze more out of it but Im sure with it running this fast and my new 8800GTS, it will be more than enough to suite my needs. Quick question for anyone still reading this thread: In Smartguardian, does anyone know what NB +1.5v represents? Mine is currently at 1.71v and not sure if i should be worried.
  5. Yeah, its been movin like a champ. relatively cool too which is also good. I'm not suprised tho especially with the help and input with everyone from this forums, including you. As for the 8800GTS, Here is the one i bought. http://www.newegg.com/product/product.asp?...N82E16814130082 I battled for awhile on whether I needed to upgrade my vid card of my processor and I think I am going to be especially pleased with its performance combined with my overclocking.
  6. Just an update, ive been priming wevsspot's settings for about 13-15 hours so far at about 47C. Thanks for the help. Im about to let it run for a couple of more hours, pop in my new 8800 GTS and game away!
  7. Haha, thanks for the words man. I actually am doing it the slow way and running prime right now at 2915MHZ to see if it is in fact my max cpu oc. I was tempted to try his settings but a) its a different BIOS and B) i figured since im already clocking higher than his settings at stock voltage and at 40c, might as well see if prime can run stable. And to my suprise, its been running stable for about 5 hours now. Does it matter which test i run by the way? Im running the first of three currently... I am going to run it through the night and see how it goes.. I am sure there will be more questions to come when i move on to my ram settings. Ill be back for an update.
  8. which BIOS were you using with these settings?
  9. Thanks for the words.. By no means am I an OC guru and besides, even gurus have to ask questions every once in a while i started from scratch and I am back to testing my cpu OC. So far ive maxed out at 265 x 11 with stock voltage (1.4v). I've thought about upping the voltage a lil bit to see if i can get it higher but Im unsure if doing so will just cause it to become more instable... right now all i have been doing is the HTT or FSB BUS Freq leaving both the mulitiplier at x11 and the voltage at 1.4v. I guess I could ask this: when trying to find your max cpu OC, should i just up the HTT or also change the voltage? Thanks again for the words of input!
  10. thanks for the input.. i appreciate your words. quick question, should i strip down to an inital install (just mobo, proc and ram) before overclocking?
  11. Thanks in advance to everyone who puts in their input. Ive tried everything to get this 3700 to OC and for some reason I can't get the thing to run stable at all... BIOS changes, loose timings, you name it. The processor is alil over a year old so i KNOW i can suck some more performance out of it. I tried settings from here: http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread...&highlight=3700 as he is using the same mobo and proc as me but I cant figure out the ram settings. Below is my sig as of now. Can anyone bring in some input? I would just like to OC to run a stable rig and get hopefully 15-25% more performance out of it. Thanks for the replies!
  12. thanks for the input. What do you think about the 8800GTS 320MB? Newegg has them for $220. As for the processor, I found a opteron 170 for $110 on ebay and a 3800x2 for 60 bucks on newegg. Whats the difference between the 8800 GT and the 8800 GTS? My big issue is, if i spend 330 total for a new proc and vid card, couldnt i just spend a bit more for a C2D?
  13. anyone have any suggestions? Should i spend the money to upgrade to a dual core and leave my vid card the same or the opposite way around?
  14. thanks for the info. my biggest thing is where to spend money. is it just the cpu? is the just the gpu? is it both? I've been ebaying and have found acouple of used 8800gts for 200 bucks. I would go this route but I have also seen a few CPUs for 100-160 bucks and i become torn. I would prefer to spend as less as possible but it looks like im going to have to front up the 360 to upgrade both. It seems like I can upgrade to a C2D the price of a 8800gt and say a Opty 170...... what would you do? This might be a stupid question but, do the 8800GT's being PC Express 2.0 even work on my mobo?
  15. Thanks for the input. I personally dont want to spend too much. I plan on OCing my 3700+ and seeing how that works for awhile. I want to try dual core atleast once so was trying to figure out what would be the best move. I already have 2 gigs of ram so thats why i thought a cpu upgrade would only suffice. I also want to play higher gfx demand games so wouldnt a cpu upgrade be what Im looking for? If you had the opportunity to get any of the configs below, what would it be? 1) 3700+ w/ 8600GTS = $140 2) 3800x2 w/ 7800GT = $60 3) Opty 170 w/ 7800GT = $140 4) Opty 165 (new found on ebay) w/ 7800GT = $100 5) 3800x2 w/ 8600GTS = $210 6) 4400 x2 w/ 7800GT = $160 as for the 8600 would it be best to go with a 256MB or a 512MB? Thanks for the reply!
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