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  1. IM has evolved the use of shorthand....ex: lol, brb. ..... etc, so hence spelling and shorthand gets worse..lol
  2. Unless all the fans in the pc sound like a jet about ot take off..lol
  3. lol i forgot the option for 24/7...lol i used to do that all the time when back in college
  4. So i have a random question.....being that most of us here have built our own pc's... how do you turn it off? Do you.... A) Start > Shutdown > Turn Off ...and leave? or B) Start > Shutdown > Turn Off > Then flick the switch in back that turns off your PSU to the pc? im bored..lol, inquiring minds want to know! lol myself, i find doing choice B
  5. This um is a dumb/noob question..lol but what exactly is a 'folding' machine?
  6. New Question for AG and Momma!!! Being the Confuser guru's you are.. and AG workin for DFI. Are ther any questions that still stump ya with things ppl ask on this forum related to pc problems??? Somthen that makes you go Hmmmmm...? lol If so, like what? im sure theres a few good stories out there lol
  7. In for the DFI BF2 clan! general play, not nesicarily knife/pistol Anyone have a free server? lol
  8. x2 lol, i go in and own now since i've been playen that nonstop, its only the 1map still! I'm still finden new ways to stir up trouble. lol I have the entire collection of bfseries, minus the bf2 (which i hope to be getting this week). bf1942 was the tits on my old computer! Then i built my current rig and its been bf2 all day. wheres this bf2142 ?? on the eb site?
  9. Welcome! Its true this board has a Ton of info, and was partially Why i chose to go with a dfi board ! :nod: lots of good ppl here to help when the going gets rough.
  10. lolol fun game. I had a roomate in college that'd get super pissed while playing games. He'd smash his fist down on the keyboard, key's would go flying lol.
  11. We all/most people have a understanding that cooler temp components in a pc run better. But now to ask the question..... why??? What about a cold component makes it work better? This goes out to all you electronics/physics ppl lol.
  12. :eek2: wow those temps are up there! Is it possible to add stuff/replace your video card heat sink???
  13. Gracias, *goes off to use thy all knowing/powerful 'search' for the 6800gs threads*
  14. So as the title suggests, what temps are ppl running while gaming? (specifically bf2)... I think the airflow for my case sux... the difference betwn leaving the case open vs putting the side covers on is about 10 deg ! During gaming it'll sometimes just all of a sudden quit the game entirely in a split second. I go to check the temps and they are kinda toasty. Did the game quit becuz of the temps??? no load temps are idling around 29; 30; 33 just after gaming temps are around 35-39; 40ish; 40-45 everything will cool down relativly quick though no OC'ing, stock speed and voltages, setup is in sig. thnx for any thoughts!
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