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  1. clean everything with alcohol. do not touch anything with fingers due to skin oils. make sure the compound flows out smoothly, spread the amount of about half a grain of rice on the center of the cpu, put on heatsink & twist from side to side. that should do it. secondly, do not use sleep mode for the computer. that will delete any overclocking and also cause the temp to go bonkers. use hibernate instead if that may be an issue.
  2. uh, somehow, i find that solution less than appealing....
  3. I found the following. The first kind of sucks... Thermaltake Active Memory Cooling Kit $7.79 http://www.xoxide.com/theracmemcoo.html The second appears to be what some other peeps here are using but cannot be found for sale.... Kool Solutions Memory Cooling Fan Review http://www.madshrimps.be/?action=getarticle&articID=329 this last one comes in several forms, and at $7, it matches the cost of shipping. Super Talent Memory Module Cooler Transparent $7 http://www.ewiz.com/detail.php?p=CA-MMC-T&...8378ad0254d2bd1 anyone have any other suggestions?
  4. ah, the pain. i was going to get a 7900gt and try to sell the 7800gt i currently have, but i realized that was nuts. there is nothing that a 7800gt cannot play well at 1024 mode. the 90 days step up program afterwards is also going to be useless, will be much later this year before the next generation (8***) comes out. Those cards will undoubtedly smoke the current crop, especially if nvidia tosses in 48 shaders like ati. yup, competition is good. gotta love it.
  5. maximum pc ripped maxtor about it, it is a problem in i think both diamondmax 10 and 11 series. I had bought one and it worked fine.... except that it wouldn't boot into reqular windows. safe mode worked fine though. it is some sort of controller/driver/chipset incompatibility
  6. board was defective. a replacement solved the problem
  7. eh, 4 sticks is not a good idea in any of the current solutions. The default actions are to bump down the fsb to 166 and go to 2t setting. You can override that but the memory controller becomes more of an issue, and then you get into the compensation with the voltages. 2x1 MB would have been a better choice, maybe you can try selling the two pairs....
  8. ok, 3.3v memory is ludicrous. You need to back that out to stock voltage, 2.8 at most. So say your memory is only good for 200mhz. that's fine, apply a 166 (5/6) or a 133 (2/3) divider in the bios and then attempt to O/C the cpu. If you can't, or the board won't boot at even stock speeds, then your board may be a dud. I had that problem, a replacement fixed it.
  9. There's no guarantee about the overclockability of a cpu. The 4400+ is a 2200 MHz cpu, most report OC's to 2500, 2600 & 2700. 2800 is a little high, and cooling becomes an issue at 2700. You might want to consider the opteron 165, and save $130 instead. The overclockability will be the same, the core is the same, the cache is the same, etc. Really the only difference in what you are considering is the multiplier (9x to 11x) and the name. The opteron also supposedly uses better silicon, for server grade cpus. I don't know what that means, i'd have to see real world data and also comparisons on that. Still with my own experiences with the 165 I heartily recommend it. Now I did have a problem where the memory dividers did not work on my board, but that had nothing to do with the cpu.
  10. Save another $50 and get a 7900GT in a month. (may be equiv of 7800 GTX for $300)
  11. take a look at http://www.dfiusa.com/support/index.html Tech support form is at http://www.dfi.com.tw/Support/mailnew1.jsp...TYPE=US&SITE=US After filling the whole thing out though it had some webform error when I submitted it, so I just took the board back. not an option in your case though.
  12. The 7900gt is supposed to have 24 pipelines and clocked at the 7800gtx speed, so it looks like it might be just as powerful at a lower price point....
  13. change the memory timings from auto to what is specified for your memory. if that works you can experiment further.
  14. go and hardcode the memory timings into the bios and see if that helps.
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