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  1. try this http://www.nvidia.com/object/nforce_nf4_win2k_6.86.html unistall old drivers (control panel>remove programs>nvidia>remove all but graphics driver), reboot, install new ones. best to di it in safe mode but dont have to.
  2. so i took a chance and opened my new chip(4800) put it in, flashed using tmods cd, did a 30 sec clear and still get that black screen instead of my bios menu. one thing that i ve noticed is that on the second boot screen after any flash im missing the "NVIDIA RAID IDE ROM BIOS 4.84". it happens every time i flash doesnt matter what bios. i only get that messege with the original bios. do u think i need a longer clear( i tried 8 hours)like 24hr. btw the new cpu works flawlessly even gets recognized by windows. after 3 days im ready to toss this board...
  3. still no ideas? ive tested memory with memtest overnight with no errors but i am getting wierd crashes.... could it be the cpu?
  4. ok... ive tried testing everything even reinstalled windows and im begining to think its the chip........
  5. and now after 9 hour cmos clear still no improvment.... anyone?
  6. ive tried tmods cd and 2 different bios with 10 min cmos reset and still am getting that black screen whenever i want to go into bios..... btw it does say cmos error loaded defaults and once it read something about the cpu not operating at correct speeds. again after flashing back to 10/03/2005 everything is fine. any ideas???
  7. yup.... i did it step by step and even tried it for 10 minutes.... still same result
  8. i did 30 sec cmos clear after each flash with same result. i didnt change my chip yet and was just wondering why i cant get any other version to work. if u think tmods cd method would be better thats what i shall do. thx for a quick reply.
  9. hi everyone, i need a little help. i just tried flashing my bios (10/03/2005 came with board) with winflash to update them to 06/04/2006. everything went fine meaning i could boot to windows normally with no apparent problems. BUT i couldnt get into bios. every time i pressed delete all i got was a black screen with a flashing cursor. ive tried the same thing doing 10 min cmos clear and result was the same. i even tried other versions(29/03/2006 and one of the beta ver.) and no change. now after i flashed back to my original version i had no problems getting into bios. so thats how i left it for now hoping i would get some help here. my system is back to stock just like in sig with nforce and graphics drivers updated. thx. p.s. im getting 4800 and ocz 600w gamer psu tomorrow so thats gonna change and it was the reason for the flash
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