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  1. it all just depends, if you have room xp 120 with 120mm fan is best. However it takes up a massive amount of space. Make sure you have enough room for both the heatsink and fan before you get it. Also realize it gets in the way of everything. The next best choice chich is only 1-5c behind is the xp90c with a vantec tornado.
  2. Looking to move to a 2 gig kit, looking to sell my 1 gig kit (2 x 512mb) Mushkin pc3500 CH5 winbond chips will run 250 fsb at 1.5-2-2-5 at 4.0v, i really like them but I would like more memory. asking $150. I will also be willing to trade for a 2 gig pc4000 kit or maybe a pc4800 1 gig kit. Email or IM me for any questions or offers. Thanks
  3. i forgot to mention since this is your first build, you make two seperate superpi folders and two seperate shortcuts to start each one seperatly for it too work. good luck
  4. What kidn of cooling do you have? With an xp90 and vantec tornado i can safely put 1.65v in mine, even with that amount of volts load it will only push 41c maybe, after hours and hours, really just depends on your cooling
  5. vrodforums by " So your telling me that my fluke 87, my fluke 23 and my digital laser that all agree on the same temp are all incorrect and that my motherboard that cost less than any of the three of them is correct" do you mean an infrared laser thermometer? if you do those are not accurate aganist metal or shiny surfaces.........i know because i own 2 of these, if you read it should say so in the manual......which would explain the discrepancy while they aren't perfect, the temp sensors should be ok unless you really f'ed up your mobo.....i can't imagne a 54 degree difference........i honestly doubt that as accurate at all.....
  6. yeah i had a problem with my dual core opty, my suggestion, in control panel you can assign a program to have an "affinity" for one core. For some reason some dual core opty's the core 0 sux and core 1 is fine. If you have superpi that would be great, run 2 instances of it and assign each to one of the cores. If one passes and the other fails id reccomend RMAing it..... If they both pass, take their suggestion son memory, regardless of cpu those steps should help you system... wat kind of memory do you actually have tho? altho this wont explain y it failed immediately, wat temps is your cpu running at? if its pretty high consider after market cooling...
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